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it's starting to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

Last weekend was terrible.It was December 3, exactly one week now. I was on my way to my photography group's Christmas Party in Manila. I decided to take MRT. Twas 7pm so the trains were expected to be packed with commuters. I boarded in Shaw Boulevard Station.I didn't bother about the congestion as I was pleasurably listening to my favorite Thai song on my iPOD Touch. As soon as the door closed, I reached for the ceiling of the train just above the door so as not to lose balance when the train starts to move. I was pushed on all corners. ipod's music stopped. It was in my left front pocket so thought it was pressed that's why the song stopped.When I cheked it after three seconds, I noticed that my earphone was hanging behind me.

For a moment I froze. I knew somebody took my iPOD from my pocket.BUt I was dumbfounded.I never thought somebody can do that---while I was listening to music?That's outrageous!!!!

it's starting to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

For a while I made myself believe that it just fell on the floor of the train. I sat looking for it not minding people looking at me in awe.I declared that I lost my iPOD but people couldn't care enough. I was confused as to what to do.Should I go down the next station and report the incident, should I point at the guy behind me an accuse him of getting my iPod? Thinking about the possibilities, I simply stayed quiet and accepted my faith like a man should do. Last station in Taft and still nothing of my gadget. I didn't feel like moving. I let everybody get off the train then sat on the nearest bench. I went back to Shaw Blvd where it happened, not because I had hopes I will find it there but because I left my wife with two other friends in Edsa Shangrila Mall. I wanted to tell her to cancel all appointments and just heed back home.

i was listening to this song

They were already in Makati when I came. Outraged and not in the mood for any partying, I decided to go to Agave Bar in Starmall to have a drink. I ordered three bottles of San Miguel Light and tried to drown my sadness. While finishing my third drink I realized that I could go on and on drinking ---alone. But it occured to me that drinking alone might cause more harm. I might lose all possessions I have with me, me dslr, my cheap cellphone and my wallet. I remembered what my wife said over the phone, "go to your Xmas party. Life goes on. You've come this far from Binangonan to cancel everything for the sake of losing something you can't regain. Just be glad it was not your wallet which they took."I grabbed my belt bag and went back tp the train station.
with university friends at Starbucks Edsa Shangrila Mall

I went to Orchid Hotel just across of Rizal Memorial Stadium where the historical friendly game between the AZKALS and LA GALAXY was being staged. It was heavy traffic as expected. I took the jeepney from Edsa-Taft to Vito Cruz, this time very cautious of my belongings. I keep reminding myself to be careful but at the same time not to be too suspicious so as not to think that all people around me are vile. There is still goodness in this world despite what just happened. I had a good time with my buddies in YOPHO that night.

The next day, I woke up with a little hangover and the reality that I lost my iPOD the night before. I might be sounding too melodramatic here but it was the first time that somebody stole something from me, at least as far as I could remember. And the fashion in which it was taken from me is something difficult to accept.It has been one (1) week now since it happened and the memories are still fresh.....
with YOPHO in Orchid Hotel Manila

I hate setbacks like this. I told my students about my sadness and some of them recounted their own stories. Even worse. And in facebook and twitter, I saw a couple of status updates about people losing cellphones and being snatched of their wallets and bag. Then I realized, I am not alone. It is not comforting to know. I find it alarming. The incident that happened to me in MRT might be nothing compared to what others had to go to but the task of digesting it in my mind, the what if's and the could have done this , done that scenarios I keep playing in my mind is torturing.

REALITY check: Sabi nga ni Carmi Martin sa NO OTHER WOMAN, “Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher, maagawan ka, lumaban ka!"------I just had my share.

And to all of this I say, it's really STARTING TO LOOK AND FEEL a lot like Christmas, busy shoppers everywhere, traffic congestion, long queues, Company bonuses, people with thick wallets- geared with the latest gadgets and PICKPOCKETS, SNATCHERS and Hold-uppers working hard to have their share.......... careful.:(


  1. ipagdasal na lang natin ung nagnakaw ng itouch. sana yumaman sya para di na nya gawin un

  2. maraming mandurukot..... :(
    magpapasko nga kasi.

  3. buti sayo isang item lang, yung sa akin isang buong bag sa market market back in 2008, nag aapply pa ako ng trabaho nun ha, mga walang patawad grabe.

  4. ganun talaga doble kayod mga dorobo ngayon kung makalusot man sila dito kay bro boss dadaan sila sa butas ng karayom.

  5. Awts grabe rampant na naman sila ngayon. Glad your safe though

  6. I know the feeling of losing something in MRT. Ouch it was but yes your wife is right, you cannot regain it no more so don't stick on it, and your world should keep goin instead. I lost my phone at the first car pa where all was there ay girls. Hay.. malufet lang tlga ang kumuha nun while ur playing it pa. Cheer yourself up and it's xmas time..

  7. I ride the MRT daily on my way to work and I make sure they can't get anything from inside my bag or pocket. Alert palagi! The most disturbing thing that happened to me inside MRT is when I felt someone is rubbing his member at the back of my right thigh. Kadiri ang mga gago.

  8. yung friend ko sa public event naman nadukutan ng fon this month lang din.. tsk.. tsk.. tagal ko na din di nakakapag-MRT, pero glad wala pakong experience na ganun.. yung last xp is, masikip lang at mapawis.. :)


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