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TACSIYAPO WALL Tarlac: release your anger

I know it's Christmas Season and most people are already feeling it. But that doesn't mean everybody is enjoying the whole thing. I was in Manila yesterday and the traffic was hellish. Of course you need to buy some gifts for loved ones or maybe give yourself a treat before your hard earned bonus and 13th month pay is reduced to nothingness but reality is, it's so difficult to go around the city these days. Queues are everywhere. A normal task of withdrawing from an automated teller for example takes more time and effort than ever.

While the HOLIDAY SEASON could be a source of glee to many, there is no doubt that to some, it is also a very stressful period.That on top of the main problems you have in life. So when you feel like your life is so-fucked-up and the Christmas rush is aggravating it but you have intentions of getting out of the slump in time for New Year, this might be the perfect thing that you need----the TACSIYAPO WALL.

Tacsiyapo Wall
Tacsiyapo Wall
Tacsiyapo is the local word for P*tang Ina---the tagalog for son-of-a-bitch. In short, it's a curse.So instead  bad mouthing the situation or the person you are mad at, the wall is the better venue. Here, you can buy ceramics plates and glass and throw them at the TACSIYAPO WALL.I heard that you can even purchase a television set to throw at the wall should you fancy doing so.
the plates you can purchase to throw at the wall

It's interesting coz the wall is adorned with words perfect for your circumstance. All you need to do is hit that particular spot. There's no score system or something but only the gratification of venting your anger on that particular person or situation written on the wall.

What's on the wall? ---Ex Boyfriend/girlfriend ,kuripot, sipsip, bolero/bolera, present wife/husband, tv/radio broadcaster, competitor, brother/sister -in-law, casino, hilig magtong at mag-delihensya,mareklamong customer,inggetero/inggetera, tsismoso/tsismosa,driver,kasambahay,neighborhood association.

And if you can't find it there, it would help if you have good imagination, sabay hagis ng plato or baso sa wall. nyahaha

Well I am a believer of Christmas.Still is up to date my favorite time of the year.It is a good venue to forget all our troubles. That is if you let the spirit of the season take over. Don't resist kasi. At any rate that you are having a difficult time putting it together and is starting to fear that you will be spending Christmas in misery ---I suggest you ride the bus North, drop by ISADAAN in Gerona Tarlac and get some theraphy from the Tacsiyapo Wall. Go for it!!!lols

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!! :)


  1. I want to go there. Grabe, bibili ako ng tv! ahehe ^_^

  2. gusto ko to pag totally stressed n me

  3. Ang lapit sa amin nito at lagi kami pumupunta dito pero ngayon ko lang nalaman na PI pala ang meaning ng Tacsiyapo? Hahaha.

  4. I've first learned about this from Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. I find this interesting. After reading your blog I've decided I wanna try this. But I realized I don't have any person in mind to be angry about. Maybe it's just that I don't hold grudges.

    This would be fun I think!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. pwede bang ikaw nalang ang ibato sa wall.. #attitude hahaha

  6. Uy may bago. Si Incredible Hulk. Merry Christmas :)

  7. I'm liking na your grammar, ser anton. LOL. Heniway, what's the point of venting your anger out if you can't even cuss? Ang weird lang, db? So, tacsiyapo lang ang pwede mong gamiting mura? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  8. how much would i need to throw in plates there?

  9. at bakit ako ibabato mo sa wall ardee ha? me galit kaba sakin ha? mahal ako.dimo alam yun?:)

  10. wow, so that's the meaning..hehe. bad word pala. Tarlac right? hinayang ako sa mga plates..ceramic pa ha.


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