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MY CACTUS HEART: the movie for those who were torn by love

TEENAGERS ALL OVER THE PHILIPPINES HAVE ANOTHER REASON TO BE EXCITED AGAIN.Actually, not just teenagers, including adults like me can definitely relate to this.

I am referring to the latest movie offering of star cinema which opened in cinemas nationwide today, January 25---MY CACTUS HEART.

It's a flick for those who have issues with love---people who were torn with love at some point in their life it hurts so much that they find it difficult to move on, more so, to love again.I am sure you will in one way or another see yourself in this movie....................
MY CACTUS HEART 2012 movie with Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli

STARRING REAL LIFE SWEETHEARTS Maja salvador and Mateo Guidicelli, My Cactus Heart according to director Enrico Santos is a story he always wanted to tell the public because it asks the young the questions: With their absentee parents and all the delights of technology, do they still understand how it feels to really fall in love, and fall deeply? Or, is every relationship an attempt to avoid the pain of a face-to-face relationship, unmediated by online and mobile? How many girls are like Sandy, who has a cactus heart — fooled into thinking what they feel is love when it is actually just “jpegs” of love? source

The movie follows the story of Sandy (Maja), a cactus-hearted lass, who will unwittingly fall in love with the ever-optimistic Carlo (Matteo). How will Benedict (Xian) figure in this love triangle? That's where the fun part starts..........
For sure, we all fell in love at some point in our lives and got hurt in the process. How many of us will see ourselves in the story?I am sure many will. And it's a normal thing. We can't therefore blame the character of Maja Salvador in the story if she is afraid to love again. Many of us undergo that situation. The thing is, how do we handle it? How the characters will deal with in the movie, we have to go to the cinema and find out.

MY CACTUS HEART is the movie for those who were torn by love.................

All photos were taken during the “My Cactus Heart” press conference at Max Restaurant Scout Tuason in Quezon City last week.Thanks to Mark and Mike Ambata of Young Photographers Philippines for doing the correspondence for


  1. parang di masyadong napromote ah. wala lang :)

  2. what do you mean di masyadong na promote?

  3. the title of the movie is far.out.

    where's Xian?

  4. I'm sorry but the trailer is awful. I normally watch Star Cinema movies but I'll pass on this one.

  5. oooh nice Maja Salvador


  6. Basta love story, star cinema! LOL. I love Maja pero di ko sure kung kasing husay din niyang sumayaw ang magiging resulta nito. Hahaha.

  7. looks like a fun movie. daming manonood nito.

  8. hehe ang ganda ganda tlga ni maja salvador ;D ganda ng mga kuha! ^_^v
    Mapapanood ko na rin to hehehe


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