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never thought BOATING in BURNHAM PARK could be fun

You should know by now that I am a big fan of Baguio City. I know how Baguio has transformed into a crowded,dirty city that it is now but what can I do,the weather is perfect for a melodramatic person like me and I have lots of good memories of the place and that's all that matters.Every time we go back, more good memories are added.Try BOATING IN BURNHAM PARK for example. I never tried it before.When I was young, I was allergic to seeing lovers rowing and laughing and hugging each other while people are delightfully watching. Bitter lang. hahaha.When I started dating, I thought I was not ready for that kind of public display of affection. When I was a little older, I thought it's a childish thing naman. Plus the water looks dirty I have the feeling I would die drinking it should the boat tip. Daming issues.

Yeah,I NEVER THOUGHT IT COULD BE FUN.Until recently, my wife decided to bring her mom in Baguio for a treat. My mother-in-law has never been to Baguio so my wife decided to introduce the basic stuff to her,you know, start with what kids usually do.I was forced to hop in since they needed somebody to row the boat except that my wife ended up rowing while I was busy taking photos........
BOATING in BURNHAM PARK could be fun

boating in burnham park
my wife doing the rowing while I do the photography. ang bad ko.hahaha

This is the curse of a travel blogger,once you see a lot of beautiful places, it's not easy not to compare.But simple experiences like this one is something that you should value in life. It's cheap entertainment. And if you put your mind on what you are doing, you realize that you are trapped in the middle of the man-made lake and you have no other choice but to enjoy the ride.lols. Kidding aside, it could really be fun. Looking at the faces of the people trough the lens of my camera, I realized how simple things could bring so much delight to people.

Next time you go to Burnham Park Baguio, try boating. Bring out the kid or lover in you. It's fun.


  1. dapat nirent nio yung swan na de-padyak, para kahit nagpipics ka, nakakagalaws kayo. ahihihh.

  2. natry ko na yan kaso ayoko ng umulit hehehehe

  3. @Bino---kasi.........don ka binasted ng gf mo dati no?hahaha

  4. @Khanto--yun nga pagkakamali ko.subrang excited namin talon na kagad boat.kala ko ams fun yung ikaw ang sasagwan.mahirap din pala.hahaha

  5. Favorite din po ng family namin ang magboating sa baguio kahit nakakapagod.

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  6. Ang sarap pumunta dun sa gitna, yung may parang fountain na di nagana. :)

  7. Wow. Nakakamiss din ang Baguio. Kahit yang simpleng boating sa Burnham. Babalik ako diyan.

  8. tagal ko nang hindi nakapunta sa baguio. gusto ko mag stay sa teacher's camp. may moomoo raw dun. hehe


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