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passing by sleepy TAAL TOWN to see Basilica de San Martin de Tours,TAAL CHURCH

It was a long weekend due to LUNAR NEW YEAR so we decided to go to Tagaytay to relax after the climb/camping in Mt.Maculot.. Instead of taking Lipa Route, went the other way and boarded the jeepney to Lemery Batangas---25 pesos away from Cuenca. The idea is to pass by TAAL TOWN before proceeding to Tagaytay. I have been wanting to see this sleepy Batangas town and the famous Basilica de San Martin de Tours popularly known as TAAL CHURCH.......

Yeah, there is scuh thing as TAAL Town, take note, Taal Town not Taal Volocano. It's only 5 minutes away from the center of Lemery.To think about it, it's very close to Manila but many of us probably never been there,worse,never heard of it.

TAAL Church 
 passing by sleepy TAAL TOWN 
to see Basilica de San Martin de Tours,TAAL CHURCH
I've been reading about it in blogs but last January 22 was my first time to set foot in this Heritage town. I would say I was impressed. Being here is like entering a different dimension.

 Basilica de San Martin de Tours,TAAL CHURCH is considered to be the largest church in the Philippines and in Asia, standing 96 metres (315 ft) long and 45 metres (148 ft) wide. The interior is impressive.Here are some of the photos I took............
TAAL Catholic Church 
MANO: A Filipino tradition of showing respect to elders

In front of the church is a small park where you can sit and marvel at the beauty of the Old church and the surrounding heritage buildings. The church is facing the plaza and the municipal Hall. We were too tired and sleepy when we were there so we didn't have the energy to go around. Will do so next time. I am planning to hike the crater of TAAL VOLCANO and will be passing by Taal Town again visit other heritage houses.

And the town maybe sleepy but I find it orderly.Peaceful.The sorrounding establishments are fun to look at, the 7/11 is tailored to fit the overall architecture and feel of the downtown area. Even the nearby pawnshop is housed in an old building too. Cool!!! Wala lang. Not that it's my first time to see heritage houses right, all I am saying is, I never thought something like this could exist in Batangas which I consider an extension of the metropolitan buildup area. Probinsyang -probinsya ang dating.Love it!!!

The best pawnshop outlet.yay!

They have the best 7/11 ever!Tailored to the overall feel of downtown Taal Town
...and the best WHITE MUNICIPAL HALL ever!!!!
feels like Macau :)


Just board the bus from Cubao bound LEMERY Batangas. I think the fare is only around 100 pesos(ordinary). There were no airconditioned buses in Alabang terminal that time and we were with 10 other strangers so I didn't complain. Bawal maarte. :)From Lemery, it's only a tricycle/jeepney away for 5 minutes.

In our case, we stayed for an hour then took the jeepney to Lemery. It's very near (pwede ngang lakarin Lemery na) But the jeepney doesn't pass by the fx terminal to Tagaytay so we had to ride the tricycle again. I thought taking the fx is more comfortable although it's only an hour or so drive to Tagaytay.What we didn't know is that the fx route is Lemery-Paliparan (Dasmarinas) and even if your destination is only Tagaytay, you have to pay the full rate of 130pesos.Whatever. Comfort is still the priority.

Coming up, our side trip in Tagaytay. tata!!!!



  1. ayus yung 7-11, nakiki-ayon sa look, hindi modern style.

    ANg ganda nung sa loob ng church, kakaiba yung designs

  2. pare lapit ko lang dito. mganda at simple lang sa taal pati ang taal church. if u come back to taal try t visit our lady of lourdes meron siyang hagdan pababa sa market ng taal. nice palce to visit also..

  3. will be back for sure kasi aakyat kami ng TAAL VOLCANO--thanks for the tip.will definitely do so. hope to meet you din when we go back---are you on twitter? @palakanton

  4. Anton, as usual, ganda ng kuha ng camera mo. I know of Taal town kasi dati napunta ako jan when my ex still lives there. We always saw the church in Lemery from the outside lang hehe.

    Ayoko na sumubra mag-comment at napupukaw lang ang mga nakaraan hahaha

  5. nung una akong nakapasok dito last July, ang weird ng pakiramdam kasi nasabi ko bigla sa sarili ko na gusto ko dito ikasal.. =)

  6. i like the church!!!!


  7. Ganda naman ng church nila dyan ..Mukhang mamahalin ang mga materials na ginamit .

  8. Nice to know that you have been before to Taal Batangas :) Welcome again

  9. anyone knows the contact no of the church admin? thanks


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