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The BOURNE LEGACY Trailer is out!

If you are reading this blog, chances are,you have access to technology,that means, civilization has reached you.Congratulations!And that also means, you know about this movie right? Jeremy Renner,Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton? Rings a bell? They are now household names in the Philippines after shooting for a few days in Manila. Who could forget the hellish traffic it caused in EDSA ayt? And of course, the excitement of many residents of Manila to see Hollywood stars running around their neighborhood and the viral videos over youtube over Rachel Weisz and other casts.I am referring to----------- The BOURNE LEGACY.

The BOURNE LEGACY is an upcoming 2012 film which will be the fourth installment of the Bourne Film Series based on the Jason Bourne Novels of Robert Ludlum and Eric Van Lustbader. And the trailer is out!!!!Sooner than I anticipated but it's out!


I HATE this TRAILER!It's so suspense I wanna watch the movie tomorrow!And the background musical score doesn't help. I am sorry but I haven't read the book yet so I have no idea at all how the story will go. That excites me even more!  
Also, my curiousity is killing me as to how Manila will be projected in this film. And how long will the exposure be? Will there be aerial sjots of Makati CBD? Sana naman. This is going to be one hell of a promotional marketing tool for the Philippines just in case.Let's hope in a good way. Sh*t. Can't wait!



  1. whoah. I literally jumped when I saw this. After the traffic, the hype, and not to mention special coverage of 24 Oras, I think we deserve to see how their production here in the country turned out. I think they’re reserving it for the main trailer. :D I'll share this vid :D

  2. hindi na to based sa books, parang katulad na lang sya, that's according to wikipedia. im no longer excited about it kase mejo nakuha ko na yung purpose ng movie hehehe.

  3. exciting teaser! And I am excited to see the scenes taken in Pinas


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