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dreaming of meeting SOMEDAYDREAM someday

Girls screamed when they saw him on tv and fainted the moment they heard him sing.Yeah, this good looking lad from Ateneo de Manila is another example of how exciting Pinoy music can become (to the girls) and how unfair life is (to the boys).Sheyt, he has it all! Kidding aside, I also got excited when I learned about him in the same way that I always get excited whenever fresh Pinoy talents enter mainstream.For me, he represents the promise of OPM.SOMEDAYDREAM is a proud-Pinoy Electro Pop act.

.......and it is my dream of meeting SOMEDAYDREAM someday. That is after I missed the 1st ever Somedaydream Blogger's Meetup last Feb.1. Damn, I missed him perform live! My blog correspondent Krizelle was luckier than I am so I will just look at the photos for the meantime and dream of the day when I meet him finally.:)

 SOMEDAYDREAM  aka Rez Toledo

Somedaydream gained mainstream popularity in February 2011 with the release of his first single 'Hey Daydreamer' in January 2011 and quickly topped the charts of local radio stations.I am sure you are familiar of the Selecta Cornetto Commercial right? Yeah, that's the soundtract, it is an original SOMEDAYDREAM song. cool! LINK HERE.

He has achieved so many things in a short span of time which includes:

“Hey Dayreamer” was hailed OPM Song of the Year for 2011
OPM Male Artist by Monster Radio RX 93.1.
Breakthrough Artist at Yahoo OMG Awards and was selected as one of Yahoo Philippines Icons.
His self-tilted debut album Somedaydream was released November 2011.Featured in the album are two hit singles "Hey Daydreamer" and "Delivery Boys" plus additional tracks for "Hey Do-do with you", "Sing this song" and "Break". There is also an acoustic version of "Hey daydreamer" for all ye acoustic lovers out there. Champ Lui Pio, ex-Hale vocalist turned solo artist is his manager.

Somedaydream's debut album is now out in CDs for only P250 exclusively available in all Astroplus branches under Mecca Music and MCA Music also available digitally via for P25 per song. On your mobile  just text SD to 2346 to download Somedaydream's.

 1st Somedaydream Blogger's Meetup

If you can't get enough, catch SOMEDAYDREAM in the following mall shows, February 11:SM Las Pinas,Saturday, February 18:SM Bicutan, February 19: SM Marikina and February 25:SM sucat.Show starts 5pm.


So we say, we are here for your rescue,Delivery boys coming at you
Giving you your daily does of,Happiness, Joy and Love

Cause even though we don’t know you,,Believe in yourself
When we say, all we need to make,It through is Happiness, Joy and Love
 Yeah we’re in this place,We call our hometown
Maybe it’s our time to find a voice for you,
And make a glimpse of hope for you and me.

Somedaydream's 1st Bloggers' Meet Up is brought to you by MCA Music,Mecca Music and Pinoy Magazine in cooperation with online partner Orange Magazine Tv and Blue Onion Bar and restaurant. Special thanks to Bose Terranova, Keds and Selecta Cornetto.

Cheers to Krizelle Marie Pari-Ann for taking the photos :)


  1. the SD band... isa sa mga bagong generation ng mga magagaling na banda ngaun...

  2. he has the similirity with the Liu-Pio brothers (Champ and Chino) i though he was their relative..haha anyways i totally agree.. even me myself wanted to met him in person soon


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