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Jet Pangan plays JEKYLL AND HYDE by Repertory Philippines

This was supposed to be a date between me,my wife and our friend Marvin.He won 3 complimentary tickets for JEKYLL AND HYDE by Repertory Philippines via the Female Network.Unfortunately, he's professor in PUP changed her mind and decided to give them a test. The appointment was almost cancelled.Good thing Marvin gave us the tickets.I was from a shoot in Batangas and was kinda tired.Also had to attend the Krispy Kreme event in Alabang Town Center which I will be writing about soon.I met my wife in Alabang and dropped by ATC for a few minutes. The show starts 3:30pm but we were still in ATC at quarter to three.

That forced us to take the taxi from Alabang Town Center to ONSTAGE Greenbelt 1 where the play is staged.It's by far the most expensive taxi ride.Had to pay 400php which includes the 118php toll in South Superhighway.We still arrived 30minutes late.Good thing the staff still let us in and the show runs 2.5hours.Things were just heating up when we came.It helps that I am familiar with the story of Jekyll and Hyde,I even have the restricted version of it if you know what I mean.hahaha

Seriously, I was excited to see Jet Pangan perform in his first ever stage play.he didn't fail my expectations!!!!!

Jekyll and Hyde
Jet Pangan plays JEKYLL AND HYDE by Repertory Philippines


"An evocative tale of the epic battle between good and evil, Jekyll & Hyde is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic story about a brilliant doctor whose experiments with human personality create a murderous counterpart. Convinced the cure for his father's mental illness lies in the separation of Man's evil nature from his good, Dr. Henry Jekyll unwittingly unleashes his own dark side, wreaking havoc in the streets of late 19th century London as the savage, maniacal Edward Hyde.

A true musical theatre phenomenon! Jekyll & Hyde features the hit song This Is The Moment, and attracted legions of loyal fans even before the show began its smash-hit Broadway run."
Jekyll/Hyde Michael Williams
Jekyll/Hyde Jet Pangan
Lucy Kalila Aguilos
Emma Cris Villonco
Utterson Junix Inocian

 repertory Philippines


Jekyll & Hyde
March  24, 30, 31; April 13, 14 – 8:00PM .March 17, 18, 24, 25, 31; April 1, 14, 15 – 3:30PM
With special shows on April 20, 21 & 22 - 8:00PM
and April  21 & 22 - 3:30PM
8:00 PM on Fridays & Saturday
3:30 PM on Saturdays & Sundays

MY TAKE ON Jet Pangan's Performance

Superb!That's what I can say. To note that  this is his first stage appearance with Repertory Philippines. Of course we know Jet Pangan and his superb singing.Plus his heavy build and an aura of being "brusko". Fit's well in the role! My favorite part was when he sang  during THE CONFRONTATION  (Lost in the Darkness Reprise).Imagine him singing as Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde with each persona answering to each other in a struggle as to who will prevail---the good or the bad side.It's like listening to a "doble kara" performance except that both are on male voice.He was awesome there!Jet Pangan was well loved by the audience that it was during his appearance during the curtain close that many people stood.Standing ovation!

Of course it will not be a standing ovation without the equally superb performances of Kalila Aguilos who plays Lucy Harris and Chris Villonco who plays Emma Carew and Junix Inocian who plays John Utterson. My wife Teresa loved it so much she can't stop comparing it to Equus which we watched in the same stage two years back.Kudos to director Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo!!


I bought a brochure for 100php as I did during the staging of Equus two years ago.That, despite knowing that most of the info about the play and the actors could be googled online.It was my way of supporting Repertory Philippines and its cause.Immediately upon entering OnStage, I noticed that most of the seats are empty.As a matter of fact, I think only 25% are occupied.Twas good for us coz we could transfer closer to the stage as we did but I couldn't help but make calculations as to how the production could maintain all the expenses.Surprisingly, Teresa was also thinking the same.It kept us wondering all throughout the play especially because we felt that such a superb performance should have been a box office hit.Is it because the Filipino masse is still foreign to such plays?Or is it because Repertory Philippines wants to keep it that way----somewhat exclusive? Or is it due to poor publicity and promotion?

Whatever the reason may be, I hope more people could see this beautiful production and the commendable performance of Jet Pangan.I was not the die-hard type fan of Jet but after watching Jekyll and Hyde, I can't help but admire him more!

Venue: OnStage, 2/F Greenbelt1, Ayala Center Makati City
For tickets, call (63) (2) 571-6926. Or logon to Ticketworld


  1. wow daming event ha.. anyway about this...

    parang gusto kung watch to andito kasi si crush Cris Villonco haha...

    ay ganun unti na lang nanood sa kanila ang ganda pa naman ng paly pag Repertory ang gumagawa...

  2. napanood ko ang movie adaptaion nyan just last 2 wks ago..

  3. marathon kuya ah hehehe

    mukang maganda yan, i can't wait to catch a lot of shows once start earning :))

  4. wow!!! hehehe... ok lang naman mag-ride ng taxi na Php400 fare... hehehe... mayaman ka naman eh... lol!

  5. hi! saw your blog when i searched for "jekyll and hyde" :) i'd just like to inform you that it's not jett's 1st stage play. he's been around theater for a long time now. he was in legally blonde (the one w/ nikki gil), next to normal, and a lot more :)

  6. Hi! The show was extended so i guess it was a hit. I watched kanina. Last show is tomorrow. Didn't get to see Jet since Jekyll and Hyde were played by the awesome Micheal Williams. It was actually a full house and i bet bukas ganon din.

    I love how Kalila sings. It's so powerful especially when she sang "someone like you". Made me tear up a bit. :)



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