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After the Storm: ART OF LIVING Stepping up to Sendong

The Filipino nation was devastated by the news last December when typhoon Sendong hit Northern Mindanao killing many of our countrymen and leaving with it an economic and humanitarian crisis.The whole nation was tested again on how we care and help each other during disasters.May of us heeded the call for help in our own little ways. Some of us contributed financial help, some in the form of goods or manpower. I for one was very happy, contributing money has never been so easy---tru my Globe Postpaid, I was able to transfer a particular amount (via pasa load) to the Philippine National Red Cross.

Months after the disaster, the problem still lingers. May of our countrymen from Northern Mindanao are yet to recover from the blow, but the attention of the country has been taken away from their plight.

After the Storm: ART OF LIVING Stepping up to Sendong
mini concert in Shangrila Hotel Mandaluyong

Today, Cagayan de Oro is a place where uncertainty and depression reign. With people’s minds preoccupied with the need to solve the scarcity of basic necessities and finding missing loved ones, morale in the province is definitely down. As a result, more and more people are resorting to suicide to escape their suffering. Food, Medicine, Shelter are usually provided for by other groups but Art of Living takes care of the emotional well being of survivors of the calamities.

As such, the ART OF LIVING Philippines, the largest volunteer-based non-profit educational, charitable and humanitarian organizations holding special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, had a concert for a cause at Shangrila Hotel mandaluyong last month to support the victims of typhoon Sendong who are yet to fully recover from the calamity.



“Whether it may be a fire, an earthquake, or in this case flash floods – Anyone, no exceptions, would naturally feel trauma and stress long after the calamity has happened. We’re here because we believe that the first step in recovering is being mentally and emotionally equipped,” says Ms. Nameeta Dargani, Art of Living Philippines Chapter Head.

The initiative seeks to help residents recover from depression through stress-elimination programs, including breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga. It is primarily led by the Art of Living, a not-for-profit, educational, and humanitarian NGO engaged in stress-management and service initiatives.


“Our aim is to provide them techniques that would ease the emotional and physical stress of the typhoon survivors” ends Dargani.

Art of Living Foundation  also focuses on conflict resolution, disaster and trauma relief, poverty alleviation, empowerment for women, prisoner rehabilitation, and environmental sustainability. To know more about Art of Living visit their website at or contact Madeline Pajarillo 0917.840.8833 and 0917.8202081.