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dinner at BAY's INN Baler Aurora: not worth the wait

I would like to assure you that I am writing this post in a state of being "full"--that in contrast to being "hungry. What's that commercial again which says ├┐ou are not you when you are hungry"???? That's true.So I made sure my anger has wallowed before I started writing this post.

I am referring to the "dining experience" we had in Baler Aurora on our 2nd night. Let's name the establishment. BAY'S INN which I now associate with the word "horror".

Bay's Inn Baler Aurora 
 BAY's INN Baler Aurora: not worth the wait

Let me me it quick so as not to over-sensationalize.It was the 2nd fun day in Baler and we just finished Surfing. Our friend Mitch drunk a lot of seawater from the surfing class (not by intention of course) so her boyfriend Mek decided to take her back to our accommodation to make sure she is okay. The rest of us, me,my wife and another friend (Marvin) waited in Bahia de Baler for almost an hour.We tried to entertain ourselves,me and Marvin at least by practicing long exposure photography.

When Mitch and Mek were about to come back to meet us for dinner, another blogger (Marx), who happens to be in the area texted me and asked if we already had our meal.I said "no". And so he said, maybe we want to try dining in Bay's Inn instead.It was decided.Go lang nang go!
We arrived at 8pm and immediately asked for the menu.I think I read it in one of the reviews and Marx reminded us again that the orders take an hour to be served. Okay, we were told.Despite being already starving, we all agreed go give it a try. 8:10 was the exact time we placed all the orders. We waited. We talked. We laughed.Texted our friends.Made countless tweets.Fb status updates.I even managed to take all the photos you see here.

We were bored. Another group finished and so a table was vacated near the seaside. We transferred.And enjoyed the moon.Tried to feel the crowd.Talked again.And did all kind of stuff to entertain ourselves so as not to feel the sound of acid roaring in our stomachs.Then it sank.We were bored and starved.The faces of my friends started to wrinkle.

couldn't hide the frustration as on the right :(
I am sure I looked 10 years older. :)

We looked at our watch.50 minutes after placing our orders.And no sign yet.I though we could give it a little push.I went to the counter.I said, "it has been an hour since" . The receptionsit cheked the order slip.She looked at the time, she said, sir, "the order was placed on 8:10pm. It's only 9pm. Omaygad.!!!

So it's really 1 hour huh?

We were warned,and aware,ayt? And so we were willing victimes of this ayt? Yes. But tell that to somebody who's tired and starving and try to see what you will get.At that time, I felt like I could eat the stone next to me.What about eating the wooden sign of Bay's Inn for a change?

We tried to be rational. What's in the place? I donno.A little ambiance? but nothing so special.It might boil down to something then why we were here-----NO CHOICE??? And so why is it taking long? Maybe because the place was full? I don't think so, it looks like a normal restaurant in Manila to me on a Sunday night except that I have never found one with the same number of customers at a time which takes an hour to prepare the food.

the forgettable food

Well the SPECIAL BEEF SALPICAO is priced 150php---not so expensive.So I suspect it might not be that delicious.Then the food came---after another push that is. Our friend Mitch went to the counter and didn't leave until she saw the food placed in trays. 


we ordered.--  SPECIAL BEEF SALPICAO, beef with Chili Sauce and 4 other viands that I can't remember anymore. They are forgettable. Even the taste is forgettable.Just a little above the usual Carenderia food. I am not saying this because they starved me okay. Because I know 'nothing is supposed to taste bad when you are hungry ayt?" As a matter of fact, a simple food would taste delicious.It didn't happen.

If there is one food we couldn't forget,-----which became the "JOKE OF THE DAY----- it would be "gising-gising" 

 That's one of the orders of MARX and his friend.We shared the dishes but they were wary we were about to finish most of them but another order wasn't served yet---GISING-GISING. They finally took the courage to ask the waiter.To their surprise, the waiter pointed to one of the dishes on the table , "that's gising-gising" sir.Omaygad uli. So that was it? Nalamon na pala namin dipa namin alam.Nobody suspected that would be it.Well I am the dumbest food blogger you can find I don't know what gising-gising is.But they told me it's name calls for it to be "hot and spicy" kaya nga tinawag na ganyan para magising ka. I guess nobody even noticed there was something hot and spicy in it ayt? That's what I mean when I say the food is forgettable.

IN CONLUSION: We don't hold grudge in the place. And some of the words I used here are coupled with sarcasm.But in all honesty, the place is so,so, the service is poor, and the food is forgettable. IT'S NOT WORTH THE 1-HOUR WAIT.Don't eat dinner here if you are already starving.Mapapa-away kayo.hahaha

I would have forgiven them if the wood was great.Pero hindi eh :)

PS: If you go here at night and want to DRINK,bring your own ICE.It might have been different if we were able to drown our hunger with alcohol while waiting, but when we were to order beer, they said the ran out of ice.HOT BEER?shi*mess.No thanks. :(


  1. mainit ulo lol..

    well anyway, kung ako nandyan nilayasan ko na... pagserve nila ng food tapon ko sa dagat at diko babayaran hahahah

  2. tss dapat umalis na kayo after 30minutes. at lalo na nung time na sinabihan kayo na 8:10pm kayo nagorder at 9pm palang. dem. kabastusan yun. tsss. nakakahiya sila dapat na silang magsara.

  3. at kapag matagal talaga sila magserve ng food dapt may complimentary sila para habang naghihintay may kinakain na kayo. tss standard protocol yun sa mga kainan na matagal magserve ng food.

    pansin ko pa sa pagkain lalo na doon sa rice na nilagay na magkakasama sa plate. tss sagwa. so so lang.

  4. although i feel sorry for the experience... i want to thank you cos i'm going to baler this june. now i know what to do and avoid. super helpful talaga ng bloggers! :)

  5. this is definitely helpful. Just an insight though, Some resort restaurants really don't put sili in gising-gising (we experienced this in Bolinao) which I also found really weird. So it may still be related to what they know about gising-gising based on their tradition, I guess.

    Anyway, thanks for your insight! really really great help! ;)

  6. Medyo matagal talaga mag-serve ng pagkain sa Bays Inn. We were told by our friend na pagkagising agad umorder na agad para maluto and thats what we did. Anyhoo may mga masarap din na pagkain dyan.:)


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