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SUMMER DESTINATION Podcast Series: Zambales TRINITY-- Anawangin Cove

Hi guys, finally decided to started my podcast which I have been wanting to do.I thought it's a lot easier than writing but it's more labor intensive after all.But it's fun and In this first episode.Here,I talked about one of my favorite summer destination North Manila---the place I called ZAMBALES TRINITY----Anawangin,Nagsasa and Capones.

I tried to record a clip for the three of them but it took 30minutes or so to finish so I thought it might bore you to death.So I decided to specifically discuss ANAWANGIN COVE first.

ZAMBALES TRINITY-- all you need to know about Anawangin Cove


1.Bus: Manila-San Antonio Zambales
2.Tricycle: San Antonio town to Pundaquit or San Miguel
3.Boat to Anawangin

You can also read the rest of my entry here:

A few corrections: 

-The boat could range from 1,500-2,000 (the smallest one which can fit 4pax)
-On the last part of the video I said we camped in Anawangin, that's supposed to be Nagsasa.(I was in a hurry ) :)

Here's to a happy summer vacation.Cheers!!!!


  1. sana ikinanta mo rin.. parang i wanna dance with zambales.. :P anyways, oo na ako na lang ang hindi nakakapunta jan.. :P

  2. pagpasensyahan na po ang accent at sungki-sungking grammar.Spontaneous ito.nyahaha

  3. nakakatakot yung boses parang ma moomoo LOL jowk great work anton :P

  4. Hi! I came across your blog, I just want to ask if there's a boat wherein anyone (not in group) can ride? Para makatipid? Thanks!


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