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that NICE GUY #SLATER and the pbbunlimited BIG4 interview

This was one tv reality show I was very passionate about.Dito talaga na-test ang patience ko and the fact that I am very active in social media didn't help.What transpired was a roller coaster ride of emotions day after day.I was very eager for the most part but there came a time when I almost gave up on the show,except that something kept me going, I had to be there to see Slater trough to the BIG NIGHT.Yes, I was bias since day one.It was clear to me that Slater is the one.For many nights, the debate raged.Para lang nakataya ang kinabukasan ng mundo.hahaha. I have never believed in somebody this least in reality tv.

Slater for me (and many of my friends and twitter/fb contacts agree) that Slater has what it takes to be the BIG WINNER.Sharp.Competitive.Good looking.

I almost jumped on my seats therefore when Flow of Abs-Cbn interactive bbm-ed me to have an audince with SLATER YOUNG and the BIG4 winners---Pamu, Biggel and Paco.

PBBunlimited BIG4 
 that NICE GUY #SLATER and the pbbunlimited BIG4

I initially thought it would be a BIG tri-media (print,broadcast and online) press conference of some sort. I was surprised when there were only seven of us bloggers on an intimate afternoon of casual talk with the BIG 4. We were in a small room and the discussion was more of roundtable affair.I like intimate talks like this one.

While some bloggers were busy recording and quoting the answers of the BIG4, I was busy reading in between what they say.It's not what they say that I was particular about but at "how they say it". The eye contact, the tone of the voice,the sincerity, the manner in which they answer questions---that for me is more important.Answers could be scripted, but sincerity is hard to fake.I am no psychologists but I can easily tell if a person is nice or not.

PBB unlimited BIG4

Here are some of the observations I had during our brief intimate encounter with the BIG4........

calculated.collected. mature.nice guy

slater YOUNG
Slater is a difficult read.It's because this guy is deep.What does it mean?He is the typical rich kid you can find in high school---calm,collected and you might mistake him as being snobbish for being prim and proper.Simply put, he knows when to speak and when to listen, even so, he will give you an answer just enough to satisfy your query.No TMI here. Slater exudes a mature persona.That said, I sometimes think he is calculated with his answers. Give him more time and you will feel that that's just how he is. He was raised to be tactful.I hope I am not painting a bad picture here.
On top of that, he is nice. Actually, if I can suggest, I will tell him to change his twitter handle ---- @thatguyslater----,  inserting the word NICE would be more appropriate to make it @thatNICEguyslater :)

As another blogger beautifully puts it---"Slater is a perfect example of what a mother would want his son to be". He is Mr "good boy".In person, he exudes an aura of being "mature". He answered our answers calmly and you can tell there's always substance with what he say.

He is indeed deserving to be the BIG WINNER!!!

youthful.lovely.humble.a beautiful flower waiting to blossom

I would like to say that I have always admired Pamu's bubbly personality.
And she's a sweetheart in person.Lovely.
I would relate Pamu to a flower and a road.
If she is a flower, she would be a beautiful rose waiting to bloom. But that's so cliché so I want to explain it in another way.
Kung baga sa kalsada. Pamu is an "expressway under construction" You know it's going to be big when fisnished pero yun lang dipa natatapos.She is a sweetheart.I still find her answers generic and safe but I guess that's really how she is----sweet and modest. I know she will soon blossom into a more mature person and hopefully,she gets to hone some talents that I am sure are still waiting to be revealed.

Gentle guy.Fragile. boy first time

I don't know if my inclusion of the word fragile there sounds negative to you. But this young guy with a gentle personality could appear fragile in such a way that he seems to be vulnerable to attacks and would rather stay quiet rather than defend himself. He is nice but I feel afraid he might be too nice to even stand for something in a passionate way. That's what we have always complained about Biggel ayt, that he lacks passion. We want him to be more thirsty, more determined.But this fragility seem to be working for him. The ''first time" tagline which almost destroyed him is not his selling point.You can regularly watch him in pbbteens4 uber edition every afternoon with his first time trivia's. I personally find that cute.hahaha.To start with, he is really gentle.And you can tell when he talks to you that he is really like that.Biggel is bare.He is non-pretentious. He is the type who would ride the waves rather than go against it.

Confident.Opinionated. Fearless.Straightforward.Mr Misunderstood.

To admit, Paco Evangelista got into my nerves when he was inside the house.Especially when he accepted the task of a "house player which for me was an act of accepting the role of an antagonist. I pressed him with the question as to whether he regrets that or not ---he said NO. That's being non-remorseful. I accept now that his role was indeed very important in revealing testing the housemates.Paco exudes a certain level of confidence that doesn't necessarily mean "mayabang"if you get to talk to him in person.I repeatedly said to him I didn't like him when he was inside the house.But he earned my admiration during the brief encounter.Paco is a talker.He is very opinionated.

Now I know that what my wife told me is true. "Galit ka kay Paco because you see yourself in him. Highly Competitive and sometimes argumentative" True. Sabi nga nila, ang magnanakaw, galit sa kapwa magnanakaw.

In person, Paco is the type of guy you would want to be with.Di ka matutuyuan ng laway.Him being unafraid to speak his mind is in a way his asset.I like his honesty and his straightforward answers.And he's witty. 

PS: I like Paco na. :)

 SLATER and Pamu
Slater and Pamu
Slater and Biggel
bloggers with the BIG4

In all honesty, none of them disappointed my expectations.It was just a brief encounter with the BIG 4 but I feel lucky to have met them in person.All of us bloggers who were present yesterday agreed that all four of them deserves to be part of the BIG 4 and we also noticed that they have very different personalities each.

April 22, 2012
Mandaue, Cebu!



  1. Si Paco na kinaiinitan mo ng ulo sa trends sa twitter, hehe

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I like the fact about how you explain why you already like Paco.. it somehow gives me also a reflection na wag muna ako magjudge ng nakikita ko not unless I know the person.. hahaha and yes, highly competitive din ako so what your wife said might also apply to me.. hahaha :p

  4. Among the Big 4, I think Slater really has what it takes to be the Big Winner. I watched the almost every episode of PBBUnlimited, and I can say he worked hard for it and earn the sentiments of the public to vote for him. But from the whole housemates I think Wendy, Denise, and Carlo deserves to be in the Big 4 too.

  5. this from twitter--- @Me_grad said ---I was negatively struck by the analogy made of Pamu to a road. I prefer a more direct statement that she has yet to improve on her expressive or communicative skills. The use of figurative language conveys massive impact on the reader. Linguistic expert know for a fact that figurative language can be exploited as it can exaggerate/overstate the writer’s perspective. In addition, the thin line of ambiguity has been reached across in the writer’s language game. Others may find (I for one) find the word “construction” offensive as it may imply overhauling changes. Reformation is a more acceptable term than construction. It is more humane to suggest that a person be facilitated on its reformed state than a generated/ constructed state. Categorical and explicit descriptions should have been written instead. In that way, it would be easy to extrapolate the constructive criticisms.
    Comparison of a human being to a budding rose is euphemistic, but to a road under construction is dysphemistic .

    I acknowledge writer’s subjectivity and freedom of expression. But I believe that expression of perspectives should be done thoughtfully.

    I hope you will be receptive with feedback as you're posting your blog entry for public viewing.

  6. this from twitter--- @Me_grad said ---Some narrow-minded PBB fanatics think that only those "malalakas at magagaling" in the tasks have rightful spot in Big 4. With the limited numbers of housemates, there is no OBJECTIVITY in choosing "pinakamalakas at pinamagaling." Objectivity could take place in choosing "pinakamagaling" in the ACADEMIC FIELD. Objectivity could take place in choosing pinakamalakas in the SPORTS FIELD.

    Yung gusto manalo ng pera na matatalino, dapat yung sinalihan ay yung show na "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" At yung magagaling sa pampalakasan at may kagalingan na rin, "Amazing Race" or "Survivor" ang dapat sinalihan.

    They were so many tasks in PBB house that were given. It should be considered that because it's an UNLIMITED Edition, the housemates were not of the SAME AGE GROUP. Some tasks favored the housemates as they are EQUIPPED already with Skills. That in a way affected the performance of the other housemates. Nagmukha silang kulelat. It's unfair.

    With the heteregenous grouping for PBB UNLImited Edition, NO LEVELING OF THE PLAYING FIELD HAD TAKEN PLACE. IT WAS NOT A FAIR COMPETITION for all the housemates especially for the younger ones. With that consideration, an INTELLIGENT decision has to be made on who should be placed in the Big 4. I believe that ABS management VOTE Counts. We are not in a position to question it.

    PBB follows the tagline, "ang teleserye ng totoong buhay." Pamu played a character that is a representation of a fun loving person. I believe that they are all in Big 4 as they complement each other. The PBB house needs those 4 to create "ng magandang teleserye." They have their rightful spot in Big 4. Of course, the big winner is expected to OUTDO the rest. Slater Young is my Big Winner.

    Pamu did not strategize in the house to be in the BIG 4. Her personality really brought her there. She has the MOST COLORFUL PERSONALITY in comparison with the rest of the housemates. Come on, she had a STARRING ROLE in almost ALL Unliday and Unlinight TV episodes. Yung pinag piyestahan ng mga tao sa panonood ng tv ay hindi lang mga tasks (di naman to Survivor!) kung hindi buhay. Yung love story ba naman niya ang ibenta na kwento sa teleserye ng PBB. Para sa akin yung 1 MILLION ay talent fee niya sa pag ganap sa teleserye ng PBB.

  7. Nagulat ako nung nabalitaan kong may Big4 na pala, akala ko kakasimula pa lang. Haha. Sorry, walang PBB sa TFC. :| Yung Pamu, kamukha ni Alex Gonzaga.

  8. oh wow! :D What a great oppurtunity! I love paco too hes really fearless!

  9. naloka lang ako sa haba ng DM sayo nung @ME_grad haha

    anyway..di na ko nakakanuod ng tv so wala akong masyadong masasabi sa PBB. natuwa lang ako kasi mukhang di na ko makakabasa ng twit from you bout paco haha

  10. ibang level ka na talaga. ang dalas kong makita ka sa tv hahha

  11. ikaw na ang nakasama sa interview sa mga pbb housemates.

    Naku, next time, yung mga teens na mapipicturan mows :D

  12. hindi ko na masyadong nasubaybayan to kaya wala akong masasabi kagaya nung isa jan na ang haba ng reply parang blog post na lang din.. ehniwey, yung sagot ni slater na magdradrama cia, mukhang seryus type naman cia at pwedeng pwede cia dun.. :P

  13. katuwa naman u... mario dumawal na ang level ah... hehehe...

    basta ako si slater talaga bet ko sa batch nila...

    like ko rin si pamu!!!

    congratz ton! :)


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