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3 Years in a sleepy village of SAINT MONIQUE VALAIS

I can't believe how time flies.This month Marks our 3rd year of staying in this small sleepy village they call SAINT MONIQUE VALAIS and many changes have happened since then.

Who was it who said that "time changes everything.................. including our concept of this amalgam of life they call happiness" ? I think it F.Sionil Joe.And it's true.Three years and I felt like being here forever.Not that I feel tired of the place.But a lot in us (including my wife) has changed.Physically, emotionally.We always feel blessed being here.And although we occasionally complain of the travel time from Manila,it still feels good going home to this little peaceful place where we can retire after a long days work or a tiring out of town trip.It feels good being home.This is home for us.

Let's celebrate life.This village has been to a lot of struggles as well but it is surviving.

 3 Years in a small sleepy village called SAINT MONIQUE VALAIS

with the hills of Antipolo on the background
Phase 2 C4 Townhouses
the pond near the clubhouse in phase 1
basketball court #1 in Phase 1
Green Houses near P2C4 Townhouses
The convenience store in the clubhouse
Saint Monique Valais from clubhouse pool #2 in P2C4


All pics taken from Saint Monique Valais in Binangonan Rizal. Shot more than a year ago and the effect was just done tru in-camera editing. I heard you can also do this in Photoshop at much better quality.:)



  1. parang ansarap mag biking sa neighborhood laki ng sleepy village na yan.. ang saya siguro pag awake lahat ng residents ano :)

  2. maganda rin naman ang lugar kung saan ka nakatira...sariwa pa ang hangin diyan....tama si Sendo....maganda mag bike niyan....

  3. gusto ko yung ganyang klase ng neighborhood...tahimik, payapa at maaliwalas :))

  4. ganda ng effect.. ganda ng place, pwede bang maging friendly neighborhood.. heheh

  5. a beautiful and quiet place;)

  6. a beautiful and quiet place;)

  7. maganda talaga sa st monique, may unit kami jan sa 2c5 if im not mistaken, pero hindi pa namin natitirahan yung unit. just want to ask a few questions before kami mag decide to move in:

    -may landline ba dyan? (PLDT)
    -anong internet connection ang available? Smartbro canopy pwede ba dyan? (online kasi work namin ni hubz so this is a huge consideration)
    -may issues pa ba sa tubig or regular naman ang water supply?
    -kamusta noong bagyo? although im sure hindi binabaha sa bandang townhouse, mataas lugar natin eh, pero paano yung sa labas ng subdivision, binaha ba?

    Thanks in advance. :)

  8. wag lang sana dumami ang mga tambay at mga adik, para mapanatili ang katahimikan ng lugar


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