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I heard about this place from a travel blogger buddy---lamyerda.We were in Matabungkay Batangas last time when she called my attention about this.I was immediately awed when I saw their website.I thought we will be in the same side of Batangas so I planned of dropping by.Turns out that Cintai is in Lipa area and Matabungkay is completely out of way.On April 21, me and my wife finally got to check the place.I wanted to make it part of the must-see-things for summer.

The thing that excited my imagination is its BALI INSPIRED theme.I am referring to CINTAI CORITO's GARDEN Batangas......

CORITO'S GARDEN_cintai ,Batangas 

Cintai (pronounced "Chin-tai") is Indonesian for the word LOVE

I made a little research prior to our visit and I was surprised at how the place came into what we know of it now.According to their website, 

 "The Garden started out as an ordinary private family rest house that the family visited every weekend. In 2005 however, their mother Corito was diagnosed with a terminal disease. To help her recuperate from treatment, the family oftenbrought her to the garden because the place made her relax and temporarily forget her sickness. Two years later, Coritofinally succumbed to her illness.Her husband together with his 4 childrenthen decided to focus all their efforts into making the garden a paradise since she loved the place so much. They wanted the beautiful memories they shared there to live on thus the creation of Cintai… love for their mother and love for his wife."

Touching story.And when you visit the place, you feel that the place was created with love as the peace and balance resonates through the 6-hectare property.

Feels like a completely different world ayt? This is what I call BALI IN BATANGAS.We were here for day tour which costs 1,500 per head inclusive of lunch.

CINTAI Batangas
Coritos Batangas


It's summer so we were definitely here for the swim.There was an event in the main pool that day so we decided to check the smaller pool first.Feels like a private pool as there were no people on that side when we arrived.My wife and I took a dip here for a few minutes and it was in this area where we had lunch in one of their cottages.We came late,actually,it was already 3pm when we arrived so the food that was served to us was no longer the regular offering.We were still thankful that we were afforded lunch despite our late arrival.Pang snack na ang dating namin.hahaha

We then moved to the main pool after exploring the Garden.The main pool is of course bigger and strategically located near the bar and the villas.It was here where we spent longer time swimming and feeling the place.On the upper part is a small playground for kids and another kiddie pool.I noticed that most of the guests that day are families wanting to have a weekend retreat.

What i love about Cintai Corito's Garden is its consistency with its theme................
And they have a playground for kids too!!!Nobody is left behind here.It's a family friendly place........
Even the restrooms are Bali Inspired.Cool!


The cottages are scattered all over the garden amidst the lush vegetation so its very relaxing to idle here during hot days.



We learned that CINTAI is becoming the "it"place for Events----wedding, debuts,birthdays.Add an accent to your debut or weddingand celebrate it in a grand way at SOPHIA Ballroom.

Company outings/team buildings are also famous here.


All these in a garden setting which makes the place a stand out. It's like a little Bali Kingdom within the forests.



Cintai is also a beautiful sanctuary to unique animals such as alpacas, spotted deer, mini horses, peacocks and a whole lot more......I was surprised that they have an eagle too!The garden is located in a sleepy town in Batangas which is only 15minutes away from Taal lake and you can feel that biodiversity in the area is still good.Translate that and you know you are away from the noise and pollution of the city.We stayed until around 7pm and we were in the main pool when the sun was setting. Before nightfall, we noticed a couple of flying bats diving to the pool one by one to drink water.My first time to be in a pool while some bats are swirling around. that didn't concern me at all of course because bats are not known to attack humans unless being touched or hurt.

We didn't check in so we don't know how the villa interiors look but based on what I am hearing, they are really nice.Would love to try this next visit :)




credits to lamyerda.com

Take a bus to Lipa, Travel time is approximately 2 hours. You may take a jeepney across SM City Lipa or take a tricycle to Malabanan Jeepney Terminal and drop off at Coritios Garden.

Read Lamyerda's interview with the Manager of Corito's Garden--Ms Cathy.

This place is perfect for company outings,events and day tour.Day tours costs 1,500 per head which is inclusive of lunch.

CINTAI CORITOS GARDEN is located in Sitio Pandayan, Malabanan Balete, Batangas.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. WOW! This place is gorgeous!

    But the food is a MAJOR let down!

    Heller, fried tilapia and lumpia?????

    They can be a little creative with the food 'noh?


  3. ganda, may pagka Thai-concept...., uhm, yung mga nsa cage ba are bats???

  4. @Ms. Chuniverse. Ah, the food.It was already late when we came ---3pm ata so I kinda understand that lunch time was over na so baka ubos na yung ibang food and sort.hahaha

  5. wow ang ganda naman nito. i hope i can visit this place...like ko ung structures & displays...hehe.

  6. WOW. Sobrang ganda! Parang wala ka sa Pilipens! Na-achieve naman nila yung gusto nilang ma-achieve, sa pictures pa lang.

  7. kakaiba siya.. nakakaattract entrada pa lang.. gusto ko ung wall kung san andun ka.. ;)

  8. ganda ng theme!!!

    lalo na ang pool!!! poolpoolpoool!!! panalo

  9. ang ganda! how much kaya ang overnight sa kanila?

  10. Wow, Bali inspired! Entrance palang parang nasa Indonesia ka na nga.. love those life size sculptures. Very timely this summer to go in there.... nice one!

  11. Thanks for this blogpost. I love all the pictures! I hope you had a blast there! Anyway, can I just make a quick comment about our food? This is address the comment of Ms. Chuniverse... We actually serve 2 set meals (one filipino and one asian (thai-indonesian theme) for our day tours. We weren't able to serve the usual fare because they came at 3 pm...which is way past our lunch service. :)

  12. malalaki ba yung mga bats na naki-swimming sa inyo? sayang hindi nyo naabutan yung buffet :) thanks for this, & hope to visit it soon too!

  13. Awwww.. May reason kung bakit nde ka nakasunod sa cintai nun.. kasi dapat tlga dalawa kau ni wifey!!!!

    Super love your shots!!! :)

  14. pati ba kids below 7 yrs old 1,500 ang rate

  15. in fairness kay chuniverse, sana di na ninyo na ipost ang food na tilapia at spring rolls, plus kasi ang panget ng table/ dining presentation...nakakasira, sa class ng place. plus have a good model na ma i market ang place as a Class A.

  16. ANONYMOUS: We came late,actually,it was already 3pm when we arrived so the food that was served to us was no longer the regular offering.We were still thankful that we were afforded lunch despite our late arrival.Pang snack na ang dating namin.hahaha

  17. @Anonymous---We came late,actually,it was already 3pm when we arrived so the food that was served to us was no longer the regular offering.We were still thankful that we were afforded lunch despite our late arrival.Pang snack na ang dating namin.hahaha

  18. Yung lunch ba nila is buffet?

  19. wala bang 500 pesos lng para makapasok dyan?


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