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PACKAGE HOLIDAYS to the US beckon as summer hits

The UK is slowly emerging from a long and rainy winter and the joys of summer are beckoning to many who are tired of bad news of recession and joblessness. And of course uppermost among the joys of summer are holidays abroad.

Many will be trying to save money in these hard times, and will be concluding that the best way of doing so is to book package holidays rather than try to arrange flights, accommodation, transportation and so forth. Among the most popular travel destinations for Brits are Spain, Portugal and Greece. But for those who want to venture further afield, the number one destination is the USA.

new york avenue

One of the reasons the US is so popular is the sheer variety that it offers. On the east coast there is of course New York, Boston and Miami, three of the most exciting city’s in the world, for very different reasons. New York is the most famous city in the world, with a culture and people all its own. Whether it be riding its famous subway, visiting the Statue of Liberty or gawping at the Empire State Building the Big Apple has tons to see and do.

Boston, one of the country’s oldest city’s is perfect for history buffs or for those wanting to savor the vibe of New England. Miami is much different from both cities. More modern, brash and lively. It is known for its beaches, clubs and restaurants, all crowded with beautiful, sun-bronzed people.

USA vacations can also offer a lot of value for money, especially as the pound is traditionally stronger than the dollar, so holidaymakers from the UK can maximise their spending power, an important factor considering that the US is a shopping Mecca with few rivals.

For those in search of a vacation to the US, booking online through a travel agency such as Thomas Cook is probably the best way to find a deal.

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