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the social rewards of being a BLOGGER

Random personal post.

I attended iBlog8 in UP yesterday and learned a few things about blogging again. It's interesting coz no matter how many blogging summits you attend,you always learn something new.Just be sure to pay attention.Soul blogging.I love! And this is one thing I love about blogging, the social rewards. You don't just become an online entity, you meet new people and I love it when it evolves into a more concrete social relationship aka friendship:)

Met Ryno of and John Earl of for the first time yesterday.Had a fun night at Glorietta and Greenbelt.Eating McDonalds, and Sipping coffee and tea at A Gan Tea GB2,Relax time +feel good moments lang.Mahaba-habang kwentuhan.Dapat sa sunod,mahaba-habang inuman na! :)

the social rewards of being a BLOGGER
@A Gan Tea GB2

John Earl

AHA! Wait.It's not to say that I am the best person you can find when it comes to social relationships.I have made a couple of missteps along the way.Sure,I've had fights with other bloggers in the past.And I made enemies too.I am not going to go into the details here but I just wanna say it's natural you don't tango well with everybody all the time.One thing's for sure-----I don't wanna stop saying hellos for the fear of saying grow wiser the next time.

With Maria Teresa Catabay Carranza Marvin Alotaya Valiente and Bernard Umali. Salamat Bernard sa time.I know you were very tired but you still made it!

See you again soon guys!!!



  1. I know that spot. I've been on that same table in Mcdonalds.

  2. di ka pumunta sa dpp? most photogs ay doon ang gimik kahaps

  3. It was really fun being at the Iblog Summit. It was my first time to actually attend something like that. I never thought there are other stuff more fun than nursing or medical conventions. Lol. It was a new experience for me. Will definitely go in the coming years. Sayang di kita nameet Sir kahapon. >.<

  4. san ba nalalaman yang mga blogging events. I wanna learn more about blogging.

  5. @khantotantra--dumeretso ka after ng iBLOG? deretso kasi ako sa GB,for this one,something more personal and intimate naman.hehe

  6. yeah. many new faces.diko na namukhaaan ang iba.feel free to approach me next time ha.hehe

  7. @Justin---always look for for updates on this event.although yearly to and its the mother of all blogging summits in the Philippines.pero marami sure to read my blog regularly din syempre for more updates.nyahaha.promote.pero yun,if you always blog hop.marami kang makikita.HOP ka sa loop ko :)

  8. aha!! di ka nag yaya nakakatampo ka na hahaha... i thought u go on DPP..


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