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Cheap Accommodation in Tondol Beach Anda: NABUA BEACH HOUSE

Finding cheap accommodation in Tondol Beach Anda Pangasinan is not a difficult thing to do. The beach place is not over rated so rates are very competitive.I know I mentioned in my last post my disappointment in the way Tondol has changed trough the years but it is still a worth the try, that is. if you want isolation and if you have the luxury of time for it.

I was in the area last summer coz my aunt asked me to accompany her in looking for some properties to purchase.Kala nyo swimming no?lol . So we talked to a few people and one of them apparently is the caretaker of a beach house so I requested that they allow me to look inside the place so that I can feature them in my blog. Welcome to NABUA BEACH HOUSE.

 Cheap Accommodation in Tondol Beach Anda: NABUA BEACH HOUSE
The place looks fancy right A two storey yellow house and another bungalow next to it.The big open space in front of them is a perfect fit for group activities.I learned that the building was originally erected for family use by the owner who lives in London.Translation, vacation house. But they decided to open a section of it opposite the bungalow which is also for rent. 

I was filled with eager anticipation.Especially when the lady who assisted me said that the place can fit 15pax for only 4,000php.That means 266.66pesos per person.Not bad! 

There are two rooms she said.And it's Airconditioned. Good. Let's see.

Then came the sad realization.Yes, 1 inner room with two beds. A/c check. But I felt sorry for the bed and the mattresses. I thought they are ready to retire or something.Disappointing.Even the curtains looked sorry.
 Another room is situated outside in what seems to be the living room.Or should I say,another bed is located in the living room.Now, how to fit 15pax in the place might be the next big challenge.Best of luck.
Consolation: There is a kitchen with a stove where you can cook all you want.Alam mo naman sa probinsya, masarap mamalengke ng fresh na gulay at isda at mag luto-luto diba. That's it. Other things, there is a non-cable tv (please look for the photo above).It's by far the biggest tv I have seen in the 21st century.I am not kidding.

 So why am I posting this.For sure I had the noblest intention of introducing a cheap but decent accommodation to my readers who might consider going to Tondol beach Anda in the future, but I am sorry if I cannot hide the disappointment to myself.Okay, 4,000php is cheap.And maybe to ask for more facilities and comfort over the top one might say.I don't think so.I have seen more cheap accommodations elsewhere with far better beds.

My apologies to the lady who allowed me in.I cannot lie, hope my camera could lie.I was really disappointed.Sana kaunting effort man lang. Kaunting pagmamahal naman sa mga guests.I think it's not too much to ask, especially because the water is not even nawasa, no wifi, no cable tv. And to fit 15 pax in such a small place? I can't imagine how it will work out.

So what is the point of this post?I  giving the one who is reading this the alternative.What I am saying is, for now, this is the only guest house/accommodation in Tondol that I have to feature, so if you at least want to be sure that there is a sure place to stay then this is it.For sure, marami namang di choosy kagaya ko.
So NABUA BEACH HOUSE might do the trick.

Contact Mr.Magno at 0907.5614.559


  1. perfect for a family get away

  2. ang ganda sa labas pero iba sa loob. hehe! good for six lang yan. i agree with you, marami mura pero hindi ganyan ang bed. =)

  3. my hubby and i were there last year and we stayed in puerto del sol we were just curious about tondol. i found the place beautiful especially how fine the sand is compared to Patar's coral -filled beach front. why can't someone set up a decent hotel there? it would have been great to bring balikbayan friends over there. like somehow as close as puerto del sol's ambiance or just nipa huts but with comfy beds and nice interior somehow, so it would be more appealing to tourists

  4. Ok ka di ah! Dapat present it as it is and let the readers decide kung ok or hindi. Magffeature ka tapus okrayin tells a lot about ur attitude.

    1. that's my personal take. i suggest you write your own blog and there express your views as well. ^^

  5. Well said antonio! This is your blog . You have all the right to express your opinion. Thanks for the info.

  6. how much is the rate? hahahah

  7. i think the place are beautiful,ano ba ini expect mo nasa province ka,pumunta ka dyan to unwind and distress yourself,hindi para mag hanap ng nawasa, wifi,cable tv at mag hanap ng magandang room. mind you mura na ung 4k sa ganyang kagandang place.


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