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welcome to football crazy MALAYSIA!

Tired but apparently excited, had a quick bite before going to bed.1st night out in KL with fellow bloggers and my first taste of the food.I guess.I have very short memory when it comes to name of food ya know.
RESTORAN HANIFAH with its promise of the best Muslim food in town was the life saver.It just a few meters away from our hotel.I ordered Mix Soup Campur and Teh Milk.

Mix Soup Campur
We were casually chatting and taking our time while the locals were glued to the tv.Turns out that EUFA2012.They were too focused with the game nothing else matters.I guess they never even noticed there was group of Filipinos who didn't bother anythin except the food they ordered.The love for football, the food,something tells me I am in Malaysia.More adventures coming up!!!!! 



  1. Oo nga, football hype is something na hindi tayo maka-relate. Iba sila magreact sa football!
    (Inggitmuch mode on)
    I love how photos say a lot about ones travels :)

  2. mukang busy ang locals sa sports na uso sa kanila. :D

  3. we just had lugaw dito sa kanto haha parang upgreaded version lng yan

  4. nakakahawa din ang pagkaadik sa football.. parang pacman din sa pinas ang ganap.. busy ang lahat sa euro2012.. :P


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