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my wife's cooking misadventure and how McCORMICK saved the day

I have always believed that blogs are a reflection of the type of person the blogger behind it.Yes,even in the case of porn

In my case,my blog has been a refelection of my continues evolution as a a travel-lifestyle blog so its easy to tell.It annals the stories of the things I do.And lately,my friends and followers have been teasing me since I've been featuring beauty and health topics.What can I do?Those are my needs at the moment.

Don't be surprise therefore if in the near future,it will evolve into something of a more family oriented thing.Speaking of which,I would like to mention the latest misadventure of my wife in cooking.We went to the grocery the other day and she discovery a range of products by McCormick.She bought curry powder,bay leaves (laurel),Oregano ground and basil leaves.So the trick now is on what meal to use them.

McCORMICK saved the day

McCormick_oregano ground

She we home yesterday with a couple of things from the talipapa near our village---pork,potato,tomato,carrots among others.


Starved as I was,I started taking photos of what she is cooking.

She boiled the meat,then soutied the onion and garlic,put the potato and tomato and then the carrots.Added the pork and add water.She then started to put the seasonings,McCormick Basil Leaves among one of them.She also added milk.So I started thinking,what is she cooking?

She also added evaporated milk in it.Evaporated milk what?

So I asked.She said she doesn't know how to call it.She is just experimenting.Omaygad!I'm starving and she's experimenting again!

I had doubts about it.I remember being heartbroken many times due to her cooking misadventure.

But this time it worked!Donno exactly how to describe the taste.It tasted like afritada con pininyahang manok at the same time (that despite using pork instead of chicken).


I forgive her.What is important to me is not the standard name of the meal but the taste.Maybe we'll call it COOKINGexperiment#1 for the mean time.hahaha

I donno how she pulled it out somehow.I then thought,maybe McCormick Basil Leaves did the trick!

In my heart,I hoped that my wife would could something more sensible next time.Based on my research later on,Basil blends well with tomatoes and is essential in most tomato-sauced Italian dishes.
I think I have to buy her a cookbook

Until the next cooking misadventure!Go wife!Go McCormick!hahaha


  1. fave namin sa bahay yung mccormick garlic powder!!! superb pampalasa sa fried chicken and stuff. :D

  2. hansarap namn yam yam yam haha

  3. I'm starving and she's experimenting again!<-- haha natawa ako d2! I love basil! hanton nakakagutom tong post mo! especially mag llunch na! :D


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