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PHL360 webisode #1: The Road to 360

The most thrilling initiative of the Travel Blogging Community is in full swing---PHL360----We were all caught up in the excitement when we were told of this but details of the Travel Webisode were kept from us.It seemed they were cooking something big.And they did.

Lay June 17 saw the official media launch of PHL360.I was in Cebu during that time so I wasn't able to personally join as invited by the group.I sent two of our photographers to cover the event for us.Therefore the photos.

Its rather comforting to finally see the cast on video,complaining,explaining,expressing their fears and excitement as one can finally see that despite being seasoned travel bloggers (most of them), they still get thrilled with the whole thing.This travel show will definitely push those itchy feet to finally board a plane or bus and satisfy the thirst for fun and discovery.

The Travel show promises the perspective of the travel experience itself and how it changes a person more than the actual destination.I still couldn't see that this early but I am sure we will get to that. Enjoy the ride!
introducing the brains behind PHL360
Upper Viceo-2nd from left
and Nina Fuentes -3rd from left

the beautiful and multi-talented
my favorite 
the artsy travel

the one who I wanna personally meet

 the colorful
a performance during the media launch

 Also,in this post is webisode #1: The Road to 360 where one can have a clearer grasp of the planning and hard work which lead to the project.It was interesting to watch the eight bloggers who will the face of tomorrows travel blogging.
Here, you would see  how the eight bloggers were paired into two.each pair were then given their destinations,something they didn't know at all where.Looks like it's only us the viewers who were suspended in secrecy after all.This is the episode where you can feel the adrenaline rush starting to build.I saw myself in some of the scenarios,the thrill of being taken to a place unknown until you read the plane ticked printout while you are already at the airport with your baggage.Yang mga ganyan.

If you are not yet into the whole hoola,then I suggest you watch episode one and you will surely want to join the bandwagon.I felt excited myself and I felt like being one of those adventures.Now that we know where each teams were heading,it's time the action to finally start.I looooove the dying minutes of the video where one can grasp the diverse activities and travel destinations of the cast.It almost felt like watching a 20-second #ITSMOREFUNINTHEPHILIPPINES commercial spot on CNN.ftw!

 Congratulations to the cast and support team team!
Also in this photos are:
(extreme left)
The power tandem---Monette fernandez and Ron Cruz of 
(4th and 5th from the left)

Nice videography by the way.I have to commend that.This is one of the bright spots of the project.To bring  videography into the whole this brings a whole new dimension to travel blogging since most of us travel bloggers do entice our readers to travel like we do tru our photos.Good job guys!!!So far so good.Looking forward to the next webisode and Congratulations again to the successful media lauch :) Cheers to travel blogging,Cheers to PHL Tourism!!! Dear DOT hope you are paying attention :)

By the way,i posted this entry very late that episode 2: Moving On is already out.I am yet to watch it so I guess another post specifically for that is in order.
Thanks to Mark Oliquino of Young Photographers Philippines for the photos.



  1. nakita ko na ito ee ung trailer hehe aun next time ko n lng panuorin pag madmi n okng time hehehe

  2. Cheers for this is another one of a kind experience... It's really worth the time... 'Coz for me to travel is way much better than to ride :-)

  3. Goodluck and more power to the team! :)


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