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50% Off on Triffle Tea at AKIBA CAFE

I always go to SM Megamall but I hardly notice food kiosks there.That's because I don't usually pay attention.Such my surprise therefore, there are patches of good food finds, if only one would look closely.One good example is AKIBA CAFE at the 2nd floor of bldg.A.

We were here for the MEGA FOOD SALE (Aug.17,18,19,2012) and AKIBA CAFE happens to be one of the participating stores.As such,they have a Crazy Trifle Drinks On Sale Promo-----Buy 1 Get 50% Off on the next trifle.
 AKIBA Cafe 
 AKIBA CAFE  SM-Megamall

AKIBA CAFE is well known for JAPANESE TEA and hearty deserts.They also serve kohi (coffee) and  yogurt.It is a small kiosk with only a few tables for dine in customers and one might under-estimate the menu especially because there are only a few food for display but you will be surprised that they have a streamlined but powerhouse menu.

We first tried the house favorite Green Tea Cheesecake.You know I love cheesecake ayt?I think most people do.But this is not the usual strawberry and/or blueberry or berry whatever cake found everywhere,never saw a green tea cheesecake before.
Green Tea Cheesecake 
It's a cheesecake so it should taste like a cheesecake with green tea flavor.My wife and I took our first bites in slow fashion making sure we discriminate the difference with the other cheesecakes in town and determine whether the green tea flavor is neither too dominating or too faint to notice. It passed the test! For a few seconds I forgot that it's a cheesecake because of the green tea kick in my tongue.Not overwhelmingly sweet as well,just enough.Couple that with the creamy Fuji Kohi (coffee) and you are good to go.If you think a sweet cake with a sweet coffee is too redundant,you can try the Nutty Macademia Kohi instead.It sure is true to it's name,nutty, with the right bitterness and sweetness.
 Fuji Kohi
Nutty Macademia Kohi
My Wife----in reference to her 2nd picture later

and the MAN OF THE HOUR.....
  TRIFLE TEA!!(pronounced try-fuhl)
So what is TRIFLE TEA?
It's a cold refreshing tea topped with our original Japanese trifle cream.

This is a fun and delicious drink!.At Akiba,they serve it in a tall glass with the upper 25% of it with cream.It's best drank without straw so when you sip,your lips would immediately make contact with the cool cream and later on with the cold and refreshing tea.Then comes the kick of the flavor.In my case,my favorite is the Jasmine Flavor which gives a light floral kick. The jasmine flavor gives a special aftertaste or shall I say,aftersmell? :)

No wonder why TRIFLE TEA is a bestseller in AKIBA CAFE.And you can buy 1 and get 50% Off on the next trifle during the MEGA FOOD SALE which runs until today!

I would also suggest you try their ice blended yogurt drinks.happiness!! :)
A Healthy ice blended yogurt drink with whipped cream on top!


1.Trifle Drink is for all ages.
2. Choose your favorite TRIFLE Drink.
Matcha,Jasmine,Chai,Signature. (mine is Jasmine)
3.Order Regular and/or Large size from friendly barista.
4.Sip the special Trifle cream and taste your desired drink
(Highly suggested or shall I say,best drank without Straw)'ll know why in #5.

5.Take a picture with your trifle drink and share it on 
and twitter.

2011 Best-Tasting Japanese Milk Tea Store --#TopBrandAward


kawaiken puppy cake /130 per slice
creamy banoffee --80/slice
cream puff cake --120/slice
yogurt softcake ---140/slice


This year's MEGA FOOD SALE is the third installment.Dates are August 17-19, 2012.You still have until today to catch it so go to SM Megamall and try  Trifle Tea and Green Tea Cheesecake at AKIBA CAFE.

SM Megamall 2nd floor building A, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Sunday-Thursday (10:00am - 9:00pm) / Sunday-Thursday (10:00am - 10:00pm)


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