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Ampalaya Shake and Tamarind Shake at BAI YOK Thai Restaurant Tomas Morato

There is one restaurant worth mentioning before I officially start with my Malaysia2.0 series.Discovered it before flying out of the country last week.Together with my wife and a fellow blogger,John of , we set out to sample their food so as to give an honest to goodness review of the place.

The invite was from BAI YOK restaurant in Tomas Morato Quezon City.To be honest,I never heard of the restaurant before.It newly opened a few months ago and we came to sample how "authentic"the food is in this Thai restaurant.
Bai_Yok Thai Resto Tomas Morato 
 BAI YOK Thai Restaurant Tomas Morato


We all get attracted to the interiors like a moth gets attracted to the lamp.Interiors set restaurants apart from each other if all else is even.It also establishes a particular brand's mark.Being talked about is a big deal in marketing.Bai Yok has the Thai feel interior but one would rather feel it's lacking (bitin) in that aspect.Other than the giant buddha picture on one side of the wall,the food presentations and the touch of Thai accent on the restaurants logo,there's nothing much Thai about it.

We got the chance to talk to the owner of the restaurant and raised that concern as if it is everything in a restaurant.That's when we learned that they have just opened a few months ago but are actually planning to move to the 2nd floor of the restaurant next to it to maximize space.Such is the explanation for the conservative interior.

my favorite!---  Yam Pla Duk Fu (Thai Crispy Fish with Green Mango Salad)

 Authentic THAI FOOD at affordable prices is the strategy of the restaurant to stay simple on the interior and rather focus on the food and service. That way,they can offer authentic thai food without spiking the prices up.Makes sense.

I am not sure if they want to capitalize on this affordability but I was really surprised at how low the prices of food are.I have this habit of "price tagging" food based on taste and the quality of food they serve in Bai Yok given the serving sizes is really cheap.I wouldn't mind paying and additional 20 or 30 pesos for most of the food we tried.
Bagoong Rice
 As AUTHENTIC as it could get

Every restaurant want's its food to be as authentic as possible.The owner of Bai Yok admitted to us that they are continuously improving their menu to get close to that authentic thai taste.Here's what we tried---

Pad Thai -- 200php
Som Tam--100php
Pia Tord ---140php
Tom Yam Kung--230php
Khao Pad Kra Pi (bagoong rice)--145php (small)
Yam Pla Duk Fu (Thai Crispy Fish with Green Mango Salad)-- 200php
Thai Milk Tea--85php

Spring Rolls
Pad Thai!!!
Tom Yam Kung

Ampalaya Shake and Tamarind Shake

Then came the best discovery of the Day.I didn't know Bai Yok has more on its sleeves other than good food at affordable prices------ Ampalaya Shake and Tamarind Shake!

It was John who first made a sip of Tamarind shake and he instantly like it.I would like to directly quote what he said ...... "This one should be your selling point, something unique, something extraordinary. This one alone can make your restaurant great"

I also tried it of course and I was surprised at how Bai Yok is able to perfect the mix of a cold drink with the right sweetness and a kick of sourness.It was something I never tasted before.I am sure adults and kids alike will love it.Ampalaya shake was also a surprise,just the right spirit of ampalaya in a cold drink and you will hardly notice the bitter taste.These two drinks will definitely make Bai Yok a by word,not just for Thai Food but for these drinks.Never miss em!
  Tamarind Shake --110php
Ampalaya Shake---110php  

It is true that Thai Food is not that popular in the Philippines but is slowly gaining prominence these days.I remember getting into it only a few years ago and I have loved it ever since.I suggest you try it and I am sure you will be craving for more if you do.Bai Yok Thai Restaurant along Tomas Morato is a good start.This is as authentic you can get at very reasonable prices.You can therefore make Thai Food part of your regular dining.Just make sure you don't miss Ampalaya Shake and Tamarind shake when you dine here.

185 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Castor
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
+63 2) 475-8828, (+63 2) 788-7707 


  1. ay malapit lang hehe kita ko na yung 7-eleven eh hehe

  2. ung tamarid shake mejo naiimagine ko pa kaso ung ampalaya haha ewan ko lng

  3. I'd like to try this... two of my favourite things, ampalaya and tamarind.


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