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cast of DRUM TAO were on the same Airphilexpress flight with us

Just got back from Malaysia yesterday via Airphilexpress and I was surprised to find out that the cast of Drum Tao (the famous Japanese drum performance group from Japan) were on the same flight with us.They recently concluded their shows in Kuala Lumpur and were headed to Cebu for the final leg of the tour.

cast of DRUM TAO were on the same Airphilexpress flight with us

I immediately noticed them as soon as got seated and I was surprised at myself when I shouted "Drum Tao!" To one of the members and he said "yes!".I watched their performance in Resorts World Manila's Newport Performing Theater last month so I easily recognised them.They were seated just a few seats behind us so I immediately took my camera and asked one of them if it's possible to snap a shot when everybody's already settled.It was a midnight flight so everybody must be tired but one of them was very friendly.Proof of that is the Big smile.

And oh,their official residence in Cebu will be Crimson Mactan Resort,one of my personal favorites.KL + Drum Tao +Airphilexpress + Crimson Mactan Resort,love love love!

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  1. pagod na nga, tulog na yung katabi oh LOL

  2. nice...did you get old-school autographs? LOL!

  3. Drum Tao! astig silang mag play ng drums. I saw one of their performance sa It's Showtime :)


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