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WENSHA SPA is my standard for good and clean massage

I think I am making massage and spa houses in Manila rich. I am a regular at some of them, even twice a month at times.But if there's one Spa worth your money, it would be Wensha Spa.

Wensha Spa is my standard when it comes to massage.I go here not as a blogger but as a regular customer who needs relief from back pain and all the stresses of daily life. And the reason why I keep coming back is because they have the best masseurs in town in the price range of 700-800pesos. That price is very competitive as it falls in between the cheap massage clinics offering a few minutes of relief and nothing else after and the expensive ones which offers good facilities but almost similar in terms of the quality of massage.It indeed boils down on the masseurs at the end of the day.

 WENSHA SPA Antipolo 

With this rate,you can have unlimited access to the hot pool and sauna and free buffet meal too.That's an unbeatable combo. Wensha Spa currently has three (3) branches to date. The first one opened in Timog,then came Roxas Blvd near World Trade Center and the latest being Wensha Antipolo.I've been to all three of them.The one in Roxas Blvd is my favorite.I always go there with my wife. 


The one in Timog is old and too crowded for me. I tried it once and haven't come back since then. 
Got one of the best "clean" massage ever but the Suana area is too small I felt uncomfortable staying there during my visit. The dining area at the 2nd floor has this cabaret feel (less the performers) and you can feel that so many eyes are looking at you. I was there alone that time and despite being too busy worrying about my painful back, I was really uncomfortable 90% of the time. I really think that branch needs an upgrade.Sure,I said that it boils down on how good the masseurs are but given the fact the there are other better /cleaner branches to choose from then I would rather go to the latter. 

What I like about Wensha Roxas Blvd is that it's spacious. It gives you the chance to dip on the hot pool without the concern of literally rubbing elbows with other which could be embarrassing. It gives you a feeling that you can breath despite being in a crowd. This is important for me coz I always go to the suana first before having a massage. It still feels better being thoroughly clean before the rubbing starts. Sauna rooms are separate for men and women.This is true to all Wensha branches.


The one in Sumulong Highway is the latest addition to the brand.I was there with some friends a few months ago and I like it there.The vibe is different.If the one in Roxas Blvd. is Asian inspired,this one has a modern-condo  feel.It's contemporary and minimalist.I love the sauna area for men coz it is on the side facing Metro Manila. They took advantage of this and placed glass walls thereby giving an uninterrupted view of the metropolis below and if you come here in the after,a beautiful view of the sunset.

It's relatively new so it's clean.They have three sections for the restaurant.One,facing the highway which looks like a typical restaurant one can find anywhere.It has an open air section for smokers.My favorite section is on the cliff-side.The interior is more intimate and the couches are more comfortable.Again, it gives an amazing view overlooking metro Manila.I also noticed that they serve different food from that of Timog and Roxas Blvd.

overlooking Metro Manila below,same view from the Sauna area

Electronic lockers are located in the Sauna area.I noticed many people going there in groups and that's better coz you have somebody to talk to just in case you need to stay inside for a few hours para matanggal yung lamig mo sa katawan.Sorry for the Tagalog description,donno how to put it in english.haha. 
The use of the sauna and hot pool is optional with full body massage.But shower rooms are located in the same area so that's still where you have to go to if you need to wash before the therapy.Hot and cold showers in Wensha Roxas Blvd are a hit and miss sometimes.80% efficiency if I may say.Same with the hot pool,it's either too hot or too cold 20% of the time.They have two sauna rooms (dry and smoke) which also run and 70-80% right temperature. Food The buffet is kinda okay.



There’s shabu-shabu which my wife loves especially with the dining area setup in Wensha Roxas Blvd. where wooden tables are intimately lit in the smoking section.Roxas Blvd has this Asian feel especially in the dining and massage sections. They usually serve three or foul viands and comes with unlimited juice or iced tea.A good deal for the rate of 800pesos (for the full body massage,unlimited use of Sauna and unlimited buffet).Be sure to get what you can finish though,you could be charged for leftovers although they are not usually strict. I am sure you don't wanna push your luck though. 

My wife and I usually eat the moment we arrive and again after the massage before leaving. And since we always frequent the place,the food gets kinda tiring coz they basically serve the same thing each time. At one time I thought I was eating "pagkaing baboy" na coz it has always been the same. But as said,I have no right to complain with a rate this practical.

Massage Each room are softly lit and has two massage beds. 90% satisfaction. I had very good massage experience 9 out of 10 times. Clean massage only.The place prides itself in that. If you want extra service, you should go somewhere else. Talked to some of the masseurs and they said they are given permission to walk out of the massage area should they feel taken advantaged to by customers.I can't count the number of time I tweeted "I had the best massage ever" after every therapy.Need I say more? :)

PS: This is not a paid post.As I said,I regularly go to Wensha as a paying customer :)
WENSHA Antipolo is located at
call: 6557377 


  1. Hey, do have to be in your birthday suit when you're in the sauna room?

  2. in the Sauna,NO, but if you want to dip in the hot or cold pool,YES :)

  3. nakakamiss magsauna hihi

    ang ganda nga nung view na overlooking ang metro manila. kaso ang layo sa amin.

  4. same lang ba rate sa lahat ng branch? hehehhe... :)

  5. My office mate and I are planning to go there on our next pay day....nagdadalawang isip tuloy ako sa TImog since sinabe mong maliit huhu

  6. haha di ako mahilig sa spa peo siguro masarap ma try once in a while

  7. i want to head to my favorite spa. :)

  8. how to get there (by using public bus or jeepney) -> wensha antipolo and wensha pasay??? please let me know..

  9. I think antipolo branch is the best..

  10. Yes this is the best so far. Decent and cool ambiance.

  11. hi. do we have to bring our swimsuits in case we want to dip in the pool?

  12. if you want to use the Hot and cold Pools in the Sauna area, you have to strip to your bare essentials,it's for hygienic purposes :)

  13. how much for the whole body massage?

    1. 780 whole body massage. try and you will enjoy their service. try ate roma, isa sa pinakamagaling na therapist.

  14. Keep calling wensha spa Antipolo branch nobody answer do you have other landline number

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  16. hi, do they require reservation ? or I can just go for walkin ?


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