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Pie Tee, Sago Gula Melaka and Bubur Pulut Hitam at PRECIOUS OLD CHINA Central Market

For those of us who are unfortunately not born in rich families,the desire to travel could more often than not mean sacrifice.It's either you skip meal or resist buying new shoes or clothes. My wife and I usually cut on meal expenses when traveling.It's a sad thing but we sometimes end up eating fast food when abroad.I remember eating in Jollibee in Hongkong two years ago so as to save money. I know many people do that,but to eat something that you can eat when in your country is a pity.

But it doesn't have to be like that.for sure,there are many food one can try without ripping the wallet,that is,if you are not a picky eater like me. Recently,I had a realization that food is an integral part of every travel experience.And so the first thing that I had to change is being picky.There are so many cheap finds out there if you would only look for it. And so in Malaysia,I tried hard to integrate the food experience into the sightseeing process.

In Central Market for example,I was very eager to try the local cuisines available.Yung mga swak sa budget syempre. Haba ng introduction!lol
Sago Gula Melaka  at PRECIOUS OLD CHINA Central Market


We found this restaurant adorned with antique furniture at the 2nd floor next to the food court.I know it might have been cheaper going for the food court but I have the impression that food courts usually offer a cheaper version of everything at the expense of quality and I wanted the food experience to be as authentic as possible so we opted for PRECIOUS OLD CHINA restaurant. I noticed that their menu is indeed a little pricey.


Allow me to make a quick comment on the restaurant's interior first.
The presence of antique furniture could be intimidating.Everybody's aware that in restaurants,we don't just pay for the food itself but the interior as well. The official website of Precious Old China has this to say about the restaurant " is also an antique & art gallery guarded by two century-old stone lions from southern China. Hence, everything inside the exotic premises – including furniture and fittings – are either vintage or an antique."

Such was my apprehension,but my main goal was to at least introduce Nasi Lemak to my wife who is new to Malaysian cuisine.And my guess is that Nasi Lemak couldn't get too expensive.True enough,it was affordable naman.
The waiter helped me through the menu which looks like a photocopy of a school lecture,the simplest menu I've seen.He said that the one's with the asterisk are the bestsellers and are therefore highly recommended.But I noticed that those bestsellers are kinda pricey so I aimed for the cheaper ones.What should have been a full course meal ended in a snack.hahaha.


Sago Gula Melaka 
--A pudding of sago pearl served with coconut cream and Gula Melaka (palm sugar)
RM 4.90

I love Sago Gula Melaka. The coconut cream tastes special.It's soooo creamy so I thought it's a combination of coconut cream and milk.The Gula Melaka (palm sugar) makes it thicker and  cremier.Sarap!

Sago Gula Melaka

Pie-Tee or Top hats 
are crispy little hat-shaped cones made of rice flour to be filled with minced chicken,sweet turnip,carrots and green beans eaten with chilli sauce.

RM 8.80 ,additional Cone RM0.50 each

 I was particularly fond of this food.It looks lovely not just in person but in photos too.And it's fun stuffing the ingredients together in the cone.I was like a child playing with his food while my wife looks in amusement.The stuffing in itself is nice and a little sweet (perhaps because of the carrots?) plus the chilli sauce gives an extra flavor to it.Sweet chilli taste and not too hot so I like it.

Bubur Pulut Hitam
A sweet broth of black glutinous rice served with coconut cream.
RM 4.90

I took the photo without the coconut cream.And I stated it as it is before puting the cream so it tasted like "champorado" in the Philippines with especial rice.Once you put the coconut cream though,the flavor becomes richer.Delictable!
Bubur Pulut Hitam

"Precious" Nasi Lemak

Rice cooked in coconut cream and tinged with pea-flower essense.Served with Nyonya Rendang Chicken,fried anchovy,half hard-boiled egg,cucumber,cracker and sambal sauce.

I thought their version of Nasi Lemak is good except that there is nothing very special about it.meaning,you can have the same quality with lesser price in other restaurants.My wife liked it but no magic moment for her first Nasi Lemak.I think it has nothing to do with this food in particular,it's just that her tongue is not yet accustomed to this kind of cuisine.there!

Nasi_Lemak_Central Market
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FOOD COMPONENT of the travel experience,check!
PRECIOUS OLD CHINA Central Market branch, though a bit pricey, highly recommended!

Petaling Street Food Finds coming up in Malaysia2.0 Series!!!!!

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