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The McCormick Chicken Curry Project

My wife is into this habit of going to her co-workers house in the village.Whenever we have no out-of-town trips,she usually spends time with them doing endless chatting.They sing videoke,do movie marathons and stuff.It's a girl thing.And when girls gather,food abound.They loooove cooking together.

They would usually skip our house though especially when they know I am around.I am such a 'kill joy' kasi.Can't blame them,girl talk will always be better without any boys around.

Last weekend though,I managed to lure some of them in the house.At least for a few hours.I have been trying to show my readers how to cook showcasing certain McCormick products.My adobo was a sellout last time,at least with my #1,my wife.hahaha.I thought of doing a followup with Oregano Powder but my cooking skills would prove insufficient to even think of what to cook with it.I noticed I also have McCormick Curry Power in the shelf and chicken curry being the most popular dish came into mind.The thing is,I also don't know how to cook Chicken Curry.Good thing she mentioned it to her girl friends and bam,ate Rochelle,volunteered to demonstrate for us.

 The McCormick Chicken Curry Project

Okay,I admit.I am not a fan of chicken curry.I find it delicious but I easily get "umay" with it.What I didn't know was that my impression of Chicken Curry was about to change......


Potato (patatas)
Red bell pepper
grated coconut/coconut milk
Evaporated milk
fish sauce (patis)
McCormick Curry powder
Ate Rochelle has been very helpful.Not only that she cooked for us,she was giving me tips all throughout.I know how good McCormick products are but I came to appreciate it more after this.Ate Rochelle turns out to be a fan of McCormick.She said McCormick Curry Powder is one of the finest you can find in the market.


I quoted her saying,

"Mahal sya so di sya yung tipong pang negosyo sa karenderya pero talagang magandang kalidad.Yung curry powder kasi na mabibili mo sa palengke,di sya puro,maraming asin so kung gusto mo habulin yun amoy,maalat na,ito,puro so talagang lumalabas yung lasa ng curry powder" --she remarked while pouring the McCormick Curry Powder in what she is cooking.
now you know how messy my dirty kitchen is :)


This is what I observed Ate Rochelle did,

She put oil into the pan and added the potato and carrots.Stirred for a few minutes.removed it and set aside.She then added oil in the same pan,she fried the chicken until half cooked.She then added onion and garlic then sauteed it for a few minutes.She then put back the potato and carrots.Poured McCormick Curry powder into it.At this point, the aroma of the curry powder has got me salivating.

She then added a small amount of water and put a little milk.She let it boil for a while then added coconut milk into it.Although evaporated milk is enough,adding coconut milk adds extra texture into it.Added patis.She let it simmer until it became a little malapot. Then it was ready to serve.

My apologies if I didn't include the actual amount of ingredients.You know advanced cooked,they just put the ingredients together based on mental calculation,say,the amount of fish sauce and curry powder.And they don't even taste it,the can rely solely on smell.:)

I said earlier that I am no fan of chicken curry because of the "umay effect" but that changed after I tasted Ate Rochelle's curry.Just the right saltiness and curry flavor.Di nakakasawa.And not very spicy too!Then I remember what she said about the difference of McCormick Curry powder from the one's sold locally public markets.I think that had a big effect.Not to mention,ate Rochelle is a good cook to start with.
Chicken Curry with McCormick

Before they transferred to another house,she said she would love to cook for us again.She requested that I buy McCormick "kare-kare" powder." The best yun Anton" --she said.Cooking is a good socialization pala talaga. :)

Since all my weekends for October are already booked for out-of-town trips,I promised her that we will be cooking kare-kare by November.I can't wait!



  1. as you've known, curry here in malaysia is totally different; very unlikely of what we have back home that suits pinoy taste perfectly.

    pag balik mo nga sa penang, sabihin mo sa mcCormick sponsor ka, para may pasalubong ka sa amin at makapag luto ng chicken curry! *biro lang!*

    nagutom ako!

  2. yum yum. ill definitely try to use mccormick curry powder someday. =D

  3. di ako fan ng curry pero interesting ang cooking process ni ate ah...

  4. nakakapanglaway nmn yn tgal ko na di nakakain ng curry ha


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