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I celebrated the idea when I heard of it.Being a Pangasinense living in Manila,I know how hellish it is to go back to my hometown on special holidays hopping from one bus terminal in Metro Manila to another.Sakit sa bangs!

Remember the central bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur (TBS)) that looks and works better than our NAIA Terminal 3? Here: I thought that's what we exactly need in Metro Manila.I heard plans are on the works to construct one on a government land in Taguig near the airport.Fingers crossed.

So when I heard they have one constructed and functional in Cebu as early as 1995,I said Alleluiah!Although it takes around 100pesos via taxi from Ayala Center,it's better than "bus station hopping" with hopes you will hit the right station and/or the schedule which you will not find out until you are actually there.I am referring to Cebu North Bus Terminal (CNBT) located in Subangdaku Mandaue City.

Unfortunately,the terminal seem to in a sorry state when I saw it.Another case of a good idea gone bad.

DSC_7556 (2)
DSC_7548 (2)

Why Gone Bad?For all the reasons.The terminal looks depressing.It's dirty,the chairs look like you don't want to sit in em,drivers,conductors,commuters use them as if they are in their houses.Some sleep in them in whatever unflattering position.Kiosks for stores are all over the place.Restrooms are stinky and filthy.I am a local (of this country) but at some point,I felt insecure.What more if I were a foreigner? No offense to the people of Cebu.I know they are very friendly and nobody has done me wrong.All I am saying is that I was disappointed with what I saw at the Cebu North Bus Terminal.The local government should do more to maintain the place rather than just earning from it.Give back to the people.Where are the taxes?

I do appreciate organized chaos,but I hardly saw anything organized there,only chaos.Kahit me something aesthetically beautiful sana.Cebu North Bus Terminal looks sorry.I think a major upgrade is necessary.

PS: We were in Cebu North Bus Terminal en route to Sogod via Ceres Bus bound Hagnaya.It was a big relief that this bus route is serviced by an a/c bus. :)
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  1. well ganyan tlga mga bus station satin ewan ko ba sa pinoy

  2. nadepress lang ako sa pinagkaiba nung bus station sa KL dito sa atin tsk.


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