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Finally! A NEW #It'sMoreFuninthePhilippines DOT Official AVP we can all be proud of!

I am blogging about this all of a sudden because I am so proud to say that this is my favorite promotional video to date.If this is indeed an official campaign video from the DOT then they sure did a good job!I've been showing it to my South Korean students.Proudly this time! Ito yung tipong dimo ikakahiya.Good quality videos and photos,and the song,I was not a fan of it when it came out but I have to admit it is addictive.

More than a tourism promotional video,this sums up my pride and joy as a Filipino.Finally a video I can show as an introduction to what we have and who we are.Of course I assure everyone we have so much more that a 2:45minute-video wouldn't be enough.Nicely done!

Gojab DOT! Oh,I haven't commented about the updated website yet.I thought I like it better than the old one which looked like it was created by a college freshman about to major in new media,and I like the minimalist approach to it would have been better if there's more side bar functionality in it.It's still easy to get lost when you start clicking things.And I don't like the main page too.It's lacks the holding power for a 2nd click.A more flashy main page perhaps,and just put the 6 categories on the side bar? A better map? A more interactive site?Especially,more than the beautiful photos,a guide on where to go and how to get there.

I guess the website is still a work in progress as there are still other functions that you cannot click,say, Top Destinations.Looking forward to more changes soon. But as for this video, good job indeed!



  1. gujabs sa new vid. okay naman kasomukang natatabunan ang gantong gudnews ng dahil sa big thing about cybercrimechuva

    1. yeah tama si sir khanto :) maganda ung vid, nakaka proud as a Filipino!

  2. less than 3 minutes this had made me even more prouder as a filipino


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