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last ditch attempt to try Malaysian Food at Petaling Street: SPICY PAN MEE + MEE GORENG

Our Penang sidetrip proved to be too tight on the schedule we weren't able to eat as much as we wanted.On our last last day there,we weren't even able to have lunch.We went back to the Inn after visiting The Goddess of Mercy Temple,packed and boarded the taxi to the ferry terminal.It was the end of Hari Raya and we didn't want to risk being caught in heavy traffic back to KL.

Yes,despite the good highway system,their wide roads in Malaysia also clog during public holidays.We left Butterworth via bus at around 1:30pm so the congestion was not much of a problem.We arrived in KL at around 6:30pm,an hour more than our actual trip on the way to Penang.We decided to make a last ditch attempt at Malaysian food since our Airphilexpress flight back to Manila was at 11:55pm.
 last ditch attempt to try Malaysian Food at Petaling Street: SPICY PAN MEE

Puduraya Bus Station turns out to be walking distance from Petaling Street in Chinatown.Carrying our already heavy bags,we squeezed our way through the crowd and finally in Petaling Street.We found a hawker stall at one corner and settled in with no second thoughts.

I immediately showed the Food Guide I got from Penang to the waiter.I wanted to order Mee Goreng and Penang Laksa but they don't have the latter.We settled for Mee Goreng Hokkien Style instead and as suggested by the cook, Spicy Pan Mee (coz my wife wanted something a bit spicy).
Mee Goreng (Hokkien Style)

"This dish is a signature Penang-Indian-Muslim food that has garbered many fabs all over.Also known as Mee Goreng Mamak,this dish is unique because of its thick spicy tomato gravy which the yellow noodles are fried in.Unlike other fried noodles,this version does not contain prawns or fish balls.Instead,it has spicy stewed squid,diced boiled garnish of finely sliced lettuce,crunchy fried shallots and a slice of lime.

The lime,squeezed over noodles,balances the heat from the gravy and adds a hint of tangy goodness to this irresistable dish.For a plate of extra special Mee Goreng,order the Mee Goreng Ayam,which is the basic Mee Goreng fried with huge chunks of crispy fried chicken.This hearty dish come at a price of RM3.50 and above." DSC_6104-1 
Spicy Pan Mee

Pan Mee is a Hokkein-style noodle, originating from Malaysia.It literally translates to "flat flour noodle". Minced meat,shitake mushroom,minced onions and some dilis (or is it dilis?).If you have tried dry Pan Mee,it's basically the same, except that Spicy Pan Mee (also called Chilli Pan Mee) is soup with added with spicy chilli paste.You can request additional chilli paste in case you want it more spicy.Delicious!

We spent RM17  all in all for the two dishes and two drinks.As you can see in the photo above,my wife was very happy after her dose of Spicy Pan Mee.She si now,officially, a Chinese Noodles Fan!This concludes our Malaysia 2.0 trip.But look out for more side posts soon. :)

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  1. food trip nanaman ang couple oh

  2. sarap naman. natakam ako sa spic pan mee. shitake mushroom!!

  3. it looks like the kind of food na gustong gusto ko.paborito ko talaga mga spicy food


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