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more beach photos of ALEGRE BEACH RESORT

As promised,I am posting more beach photos of Alegre Beach Resort and Spa in Sogod Cebu where we stayed overnight a few weeks ago.

Alegere should be proud of its beach front and three coves exclusive for the resort.It's a jewel for the resort.

beach photos of ALEGRE BEACH RESORT

I was surprised to find out that the beach front of Alegre extends more than one kilometer long.We walked going North and saw some big rocks dotting the beach.This adds character to it.Farther North is another cove,another bend which gives the beach a little ruggedness rather than a monotonous stretch.
 Alegre beach Resort and Spa Cebu
stalker mode :)
There's our new travel buddies.
My Crumpler Camera Bag and my Lagu Beach Towel
my wife sporting Lagu.pinaglaruan?lols
a separate post on our Lagu Beach Towels soon :)

Included are photos with my wife in her bathing suit.(lakas lang ng I hope this doesn't put her into trouble.Alam mo naman,she works in public school and you know how conservative folks are in public school.I just put into account what my Korean students say,"you are at the beach,it's natural to be in bathing suit.It's proper.Nothing to be ashamed of" Agree.It would be more wierd if you are at the beach wearing a suit diba? :)

At any rate,this post is about Alegre and the wonderful beach they have.

Read more on this Northern Cebu Paradise in my other post:

Alegre Beach = happiness!

Night shots next!
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  1. so whats this? a honeymoon or what? hahaha that sure is a lovely place to be

  2. thanks for this ton.. at least i got something in my itinerary next time i hit the beach

  3. I miss the beach!!!! sarap naman mag tampisaw jan hanton!!!


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