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my favorite MOBILE APP while on the road

I wonder who among you are,like me,mostly awake when on a day trip?As much as possible,especially when traveling in a new place,I stay awake and look around.I observe and marvel at the landscape and at the same time,mentally navigate where I am.My brain works in a GPS manner when I hit the road.I always feel the need to keep a sense of direction.As such,I keep looking at my maps,either online or in print.

One of my favorite MOBILE APP while on the road is Google Map on the iPhone.

my favorite MOBILE APP while on the road

Why do I love Google Map?

Because let's admit,maps are expensive.Imagine if you buy a map of every place you visit.That would cost a lot.Better save it for booking another flight.Although,if you could afford one,why not!Although both having an online and offline map is better,a mobile map would be more than sufficient.

2.More accurate and updated.

Some maps are simply not up to date.That gives mobile maps and edge.Plus,they are more accurate,you can zoom-in and see the details even to the streets.

3.Easier to Search A Place

Just key in the place you are searching for and it will lead you to it.That easy!Works well for those who easily lose track of where they are.

4.You can drop a pin.

You can find where you are and from there,navigate your way.The thing about Google map is that you can also help others by indicating how to get to your location.Tell them what bus to take,which street to turn,what landmark to look for-----it's so helpful.

5.Satellite View

You can also shift from map view to Satellite View just in case you want to see how the terrain is or how the building/house you are searching for looks like.The shape of the building you need to go to might be very helpful in locating it.

These are just some of the reasons why I love Maps on Mobile devices and in particular,Google Map on the iPhone.Of course,it helps if you have a reliable network which has wide signal coverage.Been traveling remote place in the Philippines and my mobile network GLOBE TELECOM never fails to deliver.

I love being connected to my social media accounts and I certainly value knowing where I am and where I am going.Thanks to Google Earth and Globe.Can't wait to explore more places,may it be in the Philippines or beyond.Here's to more travels! :)   

What about you, what is your favorite Mobile App when traveling?



  1. i frequent using the maps.. and apps for transport :P

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Google Maps as well! :D I feel safer with it haha!

  4. haha for a guy loves to tarvel thats very a handy app to install I used it quite frequent lately coz ive been going in some unfamiliar places

  5. naku sa ios6 walang google maps lol


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