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thoughts on traveling Solo + meet #CRUMPLER MILD ENTHUSIAST, my new travel buddy

"Happiness is not real unless shared"   -----from the movie,Into The Wild

I rarely travel solo and asked myself recently why I prefer not to.The answer came last week when I had to go to Pangasinan alone where my wife was already waiting for me.I have endured long hours of traveling alone in the past.

I remember during university days,I had to ride the bus alone from Anda to Bayambang where my school is located.It was fun in most cases but at times gloomy and worrying.The country could be an unforgiving place,especially to a student who doesn't have much allowance to spare.That's when I learned that it's comforting to have somebody sit near you when you travel.That somebody now is who I refer to as my wife.

But I can't take my wife anywhere I go.Either due to schedule problems or financial restrictions.In that case,"somebody" has travelled with me recently more than my wife did, NIKE, my travel bag.

Nike has recently found a partner to accompany me---#Crumpler.Yes,I call my stuff their brand names as if it's their first names.
my new travel buddies :)

Camera Bag

I am using a Crumpler Mild Enthusiast (M) camera bag and I find it perfect for my Nikon dslr camera and my spare lens,Nikkor 55-200mm.There's even extra space for my perfume,hair wax and other stuff.I remember bringing all of the above plus a boxer short and sando.Nagkasya lahat.hehe

With it,I know that my gears are safe.Inside is a cushion which protects my camera from shock should I accidentally drop the bag which is unlikely coz it comes with a 38mm wide strap with buckle and quick release clasp.I could have it strapped on my waist or around my midriff.

For security,the Mild Enthusiast has twin grippers on the photo compartment so that you can lock it.No more worries on pickpockets in crowded areas.And there's another compartment that fits an ipad too!

And you don't have to worry about the rain too!The pack outer is made of water proof materials.Pwedeng sumugod sa shoot kahit maulan! :)


  • Twin gripper zippered photo compartment
  • Zippered full width photo compartment front pocket
  • Three rear photo compartment stuff pockets
  • Rear external zippered slip pocket for an iPad
  • Elasticised front accessory loops

My Mild Enthusiast has already accompanied my in several places in only a few Months.

@Alegre Beach Resort Sogod Cebu and
Bantayan Island
In Anda Pangasinan
Bacolod and Ilo-Ilo


Even Inside the Spa at Marriott Manila

Back on my thoughts on solo travel.Yes,I have endured many solo travels when I was younger and I know how it feels like.And yes,happiness is best when shared but I also understand now that I cannot always bring my wife in my trips.Like life,there are journeys I have to take alone.

taken in Tori-Tori Anda Pangasinan
CRUMPLER has been known for manufacturing stylish and functional professional camera and photography bags, laptop and technology bags, backpacks, casual bags and luggage.

The brand originated in Australia and has now five (5) branches thus far in the Philippines.

 CRUMPLERCamera bag 
Perhaps it's the learning that is important.With solo travel,you learn to fend for your needs,you learn to be extra careful,you learn to pace yourself,you learn to budget,you learn to communicate with the locals more,you learn not to be maarte,you learn to pause and appreciate more,you learn to go back to where your heart truly belongs.

I have painted a bad picture of solo travel in my head.It's time to challenge the perception.After all,my future solo travel will not be as alone as I thought.To start with,I have my Crumpler Mild Enthusiast with me. :)  

for more info,you can also visit the website:


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