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dinner at PALA-PALA with MASSKARA2012 bloggers

Many food and travel bloggers attended Masskara2012 and Eric,the festival authority in blogging organized the group prior to the event.They called for dinner together so me and my roommates joined in.We dinned at PALA-PALA along 18th.It took me,Ed and Ramil time to find taxi so the others were already there for an hour or so when we came.

Pala-Pala is famous for seafood and my companions ordered a lot of things.
dinner at PALA-PALA18th St. Bacolod

here's what we ordered:

sinigang na  maya-maya
tuna steak
buttered shrimps

I love the buttered shrimps and the tuna steak.We were to go to a party afterwards so I didn't try "sinigang na maya-maya".I heard it's good according to Richard of who is a seasoned food blogger.Ako basta maka-kain lang solve na.hahaha.It took a while for us to finish.Mahirap kasi magkwentuhan kasabay ng mga drums ng band.:) Actually downed two cups of rice and a lot of buttered shrimps.

The festival mood is not just confined to the roads where the street dance passes,the whole of Bacolod is one big party place during Masskara Festival.Actually, almost everywhere you go.In Pala-Pala,there was a local band playing Masskara themed music.They do so for one hour,pause for a few minutes,then another hour.My colleagues were already complaining of music overload.hahaha.Still,you wouldn't get that festival feel on a daily basis so we endured and enjoyed it all.

I thought the meal is kinda pricey.Each of us paid 450php each.Thinking about it though,we ordered a lot of servings,marami pa nga kaming pinapak na ulam para maubos,so I guess it's reasonable after all.

Of course,the most important thing is that we gathered and I enjoy moments like that.It was my first time to meet some of the bloggers like Shekinah of and Donnie of among others.Most of them of course have been constant buddies in travel and events.The spirit of Masskara has an amazing way of drawing people together.From there we went to Lacson Street to watch the float parade and eventually ended up eating dessert in Calea.

Will talk about this Cake and Pastries Wonderland in my next post. :)

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  1. ang sarap sa bacolod!! green city!!

  2. ui dinner with bloggers pa oh si pinoy adventurista yan diba


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