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off to Calle Real iIoilo and ROBERTO'S SIOPAO for a quick bite

This is the BigMc of Siopao.The Siopao King of ROBERTO's ILOILO. It's a heavyweight not just in size but also in taste.I love siopao,suki ako ng mga convenience stores pagdating dyan. Although I have to admit,I haven't really given pursued searching for the best siopao in town.Basta di masama ang lasa okay nako.

I heard ROBERTO'S SIOPAO is made of Chinese sausage,Chicken adobo bits,bacon strips, boiled eggs and pork adobo flakes.If so,the combination is perfect!

"Ang Siopao na Walang Sauce" (No Sauce Needed).That's what they brag in their store.And it's true,no need for sauce as it is in itself tasty.I don't know how to describe it but in Filipino,I would say,malasa.

You can distinguish it from other siopao coz you would feel that the ingredients they use are first class.It's Big,it's tasty and it's only 59 pesos.
I heard from my companion Peter that the one in Calle Real is their one and only branch.I thought having it franchised would be a good idea.But Peter said the owners don't want it franchised as they want to keep the quality and authenticity of the brand.Makes sense.That's one indication that they are serious in keeping the tradition of making quality siopao.


ROBERTO's Siopao King 
Of course they also sell other stuff like this food on stick that Peter bought for us which I can't remember the name.hahaha


They also sell burgers,meatballs,chopsuey,pancit canton and sotanghon among others.Peter and I didn't have time to dine in.


I am thankful to Peter for bringing me here.We took the pedicab from the Ferry port and back to get to Calle Real,a few minutes of pedicab ride which gave me a glimpse of the most significant street in Iloilo and at the same time,a taste of the best Siopao in Iloilo. 
Roberto’s is located at
#61 J.M. Basa Street, Iloilo City

I promised myself to be back in Calle Real and try other restaurants there on my return trip from bacolod but I was out of time.Damn.Couldn't sample the famous  La paz Batchoy! I have to be back in Iloilo soon :)

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