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The Don Victor Fernandez Gaston Ancestral House,popularly known as BALAY NEGRENSE was our second stop in our Heritage Tour of Silay.

The orange color of the house makes it is easily distinguishable from other houses in the area.It has a large lawn in front which gives way for a grand entrance and the spacious area on the western side is ideal for events like the ones organized by the local government as this ancestral house is already under the care of the government.Kinda strange though coz the first time I looked at it,it made me feel that the house looks boxy.Maybe it's just me.hahaha

The interior is intricate though,and well maintained.Unlike our first stop, SILAY HERITAGE TOUR: The Bernardino Jalandoni Museum, all the areas in the house,both at the ground floor and second floor are well maximized.By this time,I was starting to feel that Silay is doing a good job at preserving its heritage houses.Uploaded tons of photos here for you to see.
inside Balay Negrense Silay

Also posting here the description of BALAY NEGRENSE as displayed in the house.

"This unusual 19th Century house was built in 1898 to the taste and specification of Don Victor Leopold Gaston y Fernandez,the owner.Although not standard,it is in the classic mold of such houses----in two storeys,built of wood and stone,approached through a pair of stairs like open arms that welcome one into a tiled balcony with a wide railing on which to lean or beside which to sit and watch the town go by.''


"From there the house starts to enclose the visitor---first in its first floor receiving area,flanked by three bedrooms on each side.This is not the living room,only a vestitude to which could come family and visitors,or perhaps 'encarfados' and messengers from the 'municipio' or the parish church.

The house--- all levels of it were built,as many houses were in those days,not only to welcome light and air,but also to make friends with the environment."

Balay Negrense

"The Balay Negrense thus remembers not only one family but a whole town,a lifestyle,a historic moment,a culture.

It speaks of days gone by,and of a time now past when multi-generational families lived under one roof and were served by flocks and families of household help; when art and music were elements as well as ornaments of day-to-day living; when lifestyles were carved out of sugar,and life was gaciously sweet.

Especially does it speak to Silaynons abour what they were,what they are and what they can be.And because it does,we believe that it also tells them what it is to be Negrense,and therefore Ilongo,thus Bisaya,and above all Filipino ".

Thanks to Negros Bloggers,especially Ms. Maritel Riego Ledesma and Ms. Maricar Dabao for taking care of us and Merci Pasalubong Center for the tour and to Abs-Cbn RNG for the Choose Philippines shirt. Also to Enrico Dee of for helping organize this tour for Manila Bloggers.

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  1. I want to see this heritage house in Silay if given an opportunity. It is one of the must-see Bacolod trip!

    It looks a classic Kastila house during the colonization period.

  2. hindi ba yan yun ginamit sa moments of love?

  3. Balay NEGRENSE .. A must see / visit place .. while in Silay ..


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