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Discover Binondo: NEW PO HENG Fresh Lumpia

A quick power nap and we were off to explore Binondo area.I looked at my list and realized that Ramada Manila Central is near New Po Heng Lumpia House which is famous for its ----you guessed it right-----Fresh Lumpia!

Apparently,the same group we saw at Dong Bei Dumplings having a tour with Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks were there when we arrived.Ivan was on her closing statements when I noticed them.Saying goodbye to his group,he took the time to talk to me again and offered unsolicited tips on the area.He even gave me a map ---BINONDO FOOD WOK,the ultimate food and culture guide to Chinatown ------- which he gives exclusively for those who take the tour with him.It's an amazing map.In it are restaurants,shop listings,heritage trail and discount coupons too!

NEW PO HENG Fresh Lumpia 

halatang bagong gising from siesta :)

NEW PO HENG Fresh Lumpia is located at Uy Su Bin Building at Quintin Paredes St.,meaning, ilang tumbling lang from our hotel Ramada Manila Central which is located at the corner of  Quintin Paredes and Ongpin.

Once you locate the side outside,you have to walk a few meters inside the building to get there.It's at the ground floor so no worries. It's another of those simple looking restaurants (nothing fancy) but with a killer specialty.I think I already said it,we were here for the fresh lumpia and that's what we ordered. For 50 pesos each,I ordered two for me and my wife.Big sized lumpia.Nakakabusog!


They already have the fillings readily cooked.When you order,all they do is bring out an unfried wrapper, sprinkle ground peanuts and  dried powdered seaweed,put a lettuce leaf, put the filling, top it with peanut sauce.Roll.That's it.Ready to indulge!
It's the best tasting fresh lumpia I tasted so far with right sweetness and crunchiness (yes,I find the vegetable filling crunchy). Best eaten with lots of minced garlic and sauce.I was actually enjoying eating my lumpia without any sauce and garlic when Ivan approached me and recommended I put garlic in it.I enjoyed it more when I took his suggestion.

Indeed, your Binondo food experience will not be complete without trying fresh lumpia from New Po Heng.

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NEW PO HENG Fresh Lumpia is located at
Uy Su Bin Building at Quintin Paredes St.


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