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#PUERTODELSOL 2012 Escapade: Back to Bolinao Falls

Two years ago,I and a prominent blogger from Dagupan,Mica of organized a group of bloggers to tour Western Pangasinan with the premise of promoting the area as a tourist destination.We contacted local authorities in Alaminos and Bolinao and they were generous enough to assist us.What transpired was a barkada joyride like no other.

Two years later,I again gathered another set of bloggers, this time, to focus on the attractions of Bolinao Town highlighted by our stay at the most sought after accommodation in Patar and probably the whole of Western Pangasinan----Puerto del Sol Beach Resort.
 Bolinao Falls #2
Team #PUERTODELSOL 2012 edition

A total of 12 bloggers took the early Saturday bus from Cubao to Bolinao on Nov.10 including my wife (yes,she blogs for my heart.naks).

The bus ride was actually quite an adventure.Blame it on failed research.We agree to meet 12midnight in 5Star Bus Station Cubao with the idea that there is a 1am bus leaving for Bolinao.We were wrong.Actually,we were routing for an air conditioned bus,turns out,the one and only a/c bus to Bolinao leaves 12midnight,and it's from Pasay.The moment it stopped in Cubao,it was already full.Found out that the next bus to Bolinao leaves 2am and it's even ordinary.Damn!Bus schedules in the Philippines are annoyingly unpredictable.It's very hard for locals,what more for foreign tourists?So tell me how we are going to sell tourism?

Anyhow,time for Plan B. Jeff,Alex,Azrael,Jonel and I thought of another way.We decided to go on a cutting trip.

1.Cubao-Tarlac City
(Good thing,an a/c Dagupan Bus bound Baguio dropped by at around 1:20am,we were in Tarlac city by 3:30*m)
2.Tarlac City-Bolinao
(An ordinary 5 Star Bus bound Bolinao arrived at around 4am.)

We were in Bolinao town at around 7am.We scouted a place to eat near the old market where we had a simple breakfast.My wife and I ordered a Bangus meal.Missed bangus probinsya.
Saturday is market day in Bolinao town so you can see a lot of goods on the road. This is the only town I know which sells Bamboo Cake (binongey) on a regular basis.Even in nearby town Anda Pangasinan which is known for Binongey Festival, you cannot find Binongey vendors.In Bolinao, they have a station in front of Bolinao Church.
Bamboo Cake (Binongey)

Puerto del Sol sent a shuttle to pick us up at around 8am.Instead of going straight to the resort,we went straight to BOLINAO FALLS.

Our Itinerary for this particular tour.


12 midnight ETD Cubao
6am :ETA,Bolinao Town

7:30am --11am: Bolinao Falls #1 and #2
11am: Early check in (Puerto del Sol)
12:00noon: LUNCH at LA PLAYA seaside restaurant,
rest a bit,refresh
2:00pm: Start of Patar Tour ( Patar Lighthouse,Rock Formations,
(enchanted cave, Patar White Beach)
5:00pm ---back at Puerto Del Sol (relax,relax)
7:30pm: dinner
8:30 onwards---- Swimming (Pool) , Cocktail Drinks at Poolside Bar

DAY 2:

8am: breakfast
8:30-12 noon--explore Resort and Beach Area (personal time)
+ relax at the jacuzzi by the pool.
 12 noon: check out
(back to Manila )

We started with Bolinao Falls  first coz it's out of way.All the other attractions are located in Patar near Puerto del Sol but Bolinao Falls is located in Brgy. Samang Norte,the barangay near the boundary of Bani through the main highway.If you are coming from Manila,the entrance leading to the waterfalls is 15minutes to Bolinao Town.And it's not along the main road but another 15-20minutes by car through a dirt road.

Bolinao Falls has  two main sections.Falls #1 is where the main waterfalls characterized by a drop of around 10meters.It was also here where we went two years ago.To get to to the main falls area,you have to walk down cemented stairs---around 50 or so steps.Noticed a few garbage here and there but the place is still relatively clean,especially the water. (We have to do more to educate people not to leave their plastic wrappers when to go to a place.)
 Bolinao Falls #1


Make sure you change into your swimming attire before going down the falls as it is very hard to resist the water.I remember wearing jeans two years ago as I thought sight seeing will be enough but I was tempted to dip when everybody plunged one by one.I ended up stripping into my underwear just to be able to join the fun.Scandal and nangyari!hahaha

BOLINAO FALLS #1 CIRCA 2012 :feel good moments

Jeff and melody enjoying the water 

At syempre me moment din Sina Rod Magaru and Marjorie. (they are not a couple ha.baka patayin ako ni Jonel Uy.hahaha)

Marjorie and Rod, separated by a plant.hehe

At si Alex de Vera Dizon, nag mala-Survivor :)

Alex Dizon aka

Most of us had little sleep from the overnight trip but everybody was hyper the moment they saw the waterfalls.None wished to rush to the resort.We stayed for an hour.We then moved to another location.Bolinao Falls #2.It was another five minute ride to another set off point.


Christian of-
 taking a jump.tapang! :)
I haven't been to #2 falls before so I was really surprised that it is more beautiful than falls #1.The drop is lower but the area around it where one can swim and wander is wider.That wide spread plus the punctuation of big rocks,water,trees gives it more accent.There also cottages here which you can rent should you bring food for picnic.Rent starts at 150php per cottage.You can also rent salbabida (what's salbabida in english again?hahaha).
me photoshoot? --at parang me gustong sabihin si Rod Magaru?lols

FUN MOMENTS: #itsmorefuninbolinaofalls edition

natuwa ako sa pic na to, parang nainnggit sila lahat sa salbabida ni Melody.hahaha
Tabing Ilog Circa 2012

If you are lucky,you can find a halo-halo vendor.We did.They sell halo-halo for 15 pesos per glass.Pinagpyestahan namin.Although the taste would be pang-15 pesos lang, okay nang pantanggal uhaw and pag-refresh :)

Azrael,Elala and Eileen enjoying halo-halo

The initial plan was to drop by falls #2 quickly so as to check in at Puerto Del Sol before lunch but everybody got enticed with the place.We found ourselves swimming again.We stayed for approximately 2 hours.A lot of fun moments here.Lahat nag enjoy.

Then we were off for another 20-30minute ride to Puerto Del Sol in Patar where the lovely resort was waiting for us.More on the resort on my next posts. 

#PuertoDelSol2012 Escapade activated!

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