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Stay Sweet and Healthy with #SPLENDA

I think I made a very important decision last week -----I DECIDED TO LIVE LONGER.

Not that I am suicidal or something but my sedate lifestyle is a sure way to a short life.But since life is sweet,I thought it would be best if I live longer.So I went back to the gym.I know I have a love-and-hate relationship with fitness clubs but the reason why I stopped a few months ago was because the one and only gym in my locality closed.Very unfortunate indeed.But I found one in nearby town Angono so I immediately enrolled.

It's not easy of course.I have to take another approach and part of it is to convince myself that staying fit is not an option.It should be a lifestyle.Having said that,lifting weights and sweating in the gym should not be all.It should be a holistic approach and diet plays a big part.

Yes,I also have to take into account what I eat this time.I should look into the kind of food I take in---carbohydrates,fats,protein,sugar---all should be taken into account.

Speaking of sugar,there's a healthy sweetener brand that I would like to try.Yes,sweet can be healthy.They call it by the name ---SPLENDA.
 Splenda _artificial sweetener
Splenda is brand sweetener

What is SPLENDA?

Splenda is brand sweetener.It's the brand name for sucralose ----  a no calorie sweetener that can help people:

--reduce added sugars and calories in their diet
--control calories from sugar to help manage body weight
--control carbohydrate intake from sugar to help manage conditions like diabetes

Sweet but Not Sugar?

All their products contain sweet tasting sucralose.While not sugar,sucralose starts with sugar.From the pure sugar and harvested by farmers from Australia,Hawaii and Florida, the sugar undergoes an awesome transformation that turns it from ordinary sugar to an extraordinary sweetener-----one that tastes like sugar,but isn't sugar.

What does it mean to your Body and your HEALTH?

While sugar is digested in your body for energy,sucralose is not.That's because,while made from sugar,sucralose is different.The small tweaks that create sucralose prevent your body from being able to break it down for energy.No energy means no calories.....just sweetness.

Perfect for sweet lovers (like me) trying to take small steps toward eating better and living a little healthier each day.And perfect for my wife too who has to watch her weight.

Living with DIABETES.

Splenda brand sweetener (sucralose) is a perfect choice for people with diabetes because it DOES NOT affect blood glucose levels.insulin and HbAic.We all know diabetes.It's a dreaded disease.And part of the pain is the fact that you can indulge in your favorite sweets if you have one.That has changed---thanks to sucralose and Splenda.

In their website is a list of recipe suggestions you can easily make at home.Here's one of them.

 As an online ESL teacher,my voice is my asset,and it is too for most us.Here's a healthier twist to Salabat that you can easily make at home.

Ginger Tea Salabat

from: .


1/2 lb fresh ginger, sliced
5 cups water
24 packets SPLENDA granulated


1 .Boil all ingredients together.
2 .Add more water if too strong.

So easy!Can't wait to try it.I am sure you will also discover a new and healthy sweet with Splenda.Christmas is just around the corner, let Splenda be part of a healthy but sweet Christmas Season.

I will try to write another post with the recipes I will be trying.For now, feel free to check their recipes at: .

Stay Sweet and Healthy with SPLENDA!



  1. Will test and use Splenda nga din. And Anton, i like the coffee cup. Where did u buy it?

  2. akala ko nung una kong nakita ang title, yung pampapayat.... naconfused ako sa Slenda

  3. bookmared splenda's site :D

  4. need ko yan dahil sobra akong mag add ng sugar sa kape ko

  5. @Tsi---the coffee cup?hahaha.Diko na alam san nabili.Parang sa bangketa lang ata.yung mga tag-50.yang ganyan.lols

    @khanto---ay uo nga no?at least di malayo.Pero matagal na tong brand na to eh so my hunch is ginawang Sounds Like ng other brand (pampapayat)lol

  6. @Bino--- a good bookmark at that, para hindi naman puro porn ang mga naka-bookmark dyan sa pc mo.nyahaha

    @mecoy--- naku---pareho tayo,nanganganib sa diabetes.hahaha

  7. Cool! Sana may kape ng masubukan yan splenda na yan sir Anton ha ha ha! Joke~!!

    Pero tama ka exercise must be incorporated in everyone's lifestyle. Matagal ko na like bumalik sa gym, siguro napapanahon na. Salamat sa paalaala.

  8. too bad i dont use sugar with my tea

  9. nauuso na rin yung "health and well being" products dito sa tin ah. good thing :)


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