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THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Ultimate Energetic Pursuits

Many of us have said, and continue to say, that they want to do more with their day; get outside, enjoy the fresh air and try a new sport, perhaps? But how many of us actually do it, or even have time to do it when we’re not working or homemaking? Make a New Year resolution this year and promise yourself that you will try something new. What better way to hone a new skill than in an environment that a holiday abroad brings? Here are ten activities for inspiration.
Cycling in Japan
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As one of the most popular watersports, windsurfing holidays are extremely well-liked with people of all ages. Whether you’ve tried it before or you’re having a go for the first time, this sport is not only great fun and incredibly thrilling, but also good for your body and health. Both Greece and Turkey have incredibly good wind conditions to make windsurfing a popular sport in the regions. Try Halkidiki, Foca or Sivota for not only fantastic conditions but also incredible resorts for your holiday.


Whatever your skill level, cycling holiday tours are a great way to increase your energy levels, whilst giving you a perfect mode of transport to explore your surroundings. Whether you choose to take it slow, and cycle leisurely around the lanes and neighbouring villages, or you choose to tackle the terrain on the saddle of a mountain bike for a little more adrenaline-fuelled fun, you can in destinations including Lake Garda and the Alps.


If you’re more of a lover of colder climes, you don’t have to wait until the mild autumns to enjoy the great outdoors. With the winter season comes skiing and snowboarding and, as far as mountains are concerned, there’s not many outdoor pursuits more thrilling than these. Whatever your skills, you can venture to the slopes or off-piste and make the most of the fantastic snowsure conditions of the Alps and beyond. Book your outdoors adventure today and start looking forward to a new lease of life.

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  1. well wala akong sports wala kong alam ni isa
    taong bahay kasi talaga ako
    hmm cycling siguro pinaka tipis sa list mo haha
    at di ako madunong mag bike pero ung ang want ko matry

  2. I love cycling! :))


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