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#ElNidoSummer2013: BLESSED INN

Finding accommodation in El Nido during peak season is such a pain in the neck.Just like in any other place you might say.Well El Nido is a special case.I called so many places but they don't even answer.That made me shout on twitter during the ordeal "ang elitista lang ng mga accommodation sa El Nido,tatawagan mo nat lahat dika parin sasagutin".

Sayang,I had fantasies of staying in a beachfront inn pa naman sana.Well,we ended up in an anonymous Inn which barely has two (2) reviews on Tripadvisor.I will eventually be the 3rd to review this place coz BLESSED INN as it is named is not bad as I imagined.

 BLESSED INN El Nido along Rizal Street

Blessed in is located along Rizal Street Poblacion which happens to be the main road in and out of El Nido if Puerto Princesa is the reference.I is less than 1km away from the beach so not bad at all.It's kinda difficult to find online but I was lucky to have found it in Agoda.Like most accommodations in El Nido town,it is a house converted into an Inn.They only have four (4) rooms,one (1) at the ground floor and three (3) upstairs.

Rooms are quite small.As described by one review, "matchbox size", but I am okay with it.There is enough space to walk around plus private bath which is very important for us.and for 880pesos per night on peak season,what else would you complain for.One more thing,this is El Nido,beachfront or not,you are in Paradise.And people don't complain as long as they are in Paradise.

All rooms are fan rooms.I was a bit apprehensive at first coz you know how hot summer is in the Philippines.As long as it is not humid I am okay.There are many accommodations with airconditioned rooms,Lolo Oyong's Pension house for example which is just across the street from Blessed Inn has airconditoned rooms.But in a place where electricity is off from 6am till 6pm,the heck that you care so much about the airconditioner?One more thing,chances are,you are "island hopping and beach bumming" the whole day you will be sleeping like a log when you get back in your accommodation.

Towels are provided.Although I noticed that they didn't change our towels our entire stay.We stayed 2 nights so we had to maximize the use of towels.One at a time.Well,I didn't request for replacement.I guess I was too busy to bother again.

private bath with de-buhos toilet

The 2nd floor is wooden so it gives a rustic feel.Guests are asked to leave their slippers at the stairway leading to the 2nd floor.What I particularly like is that in front of our room,there's a thermostat with hot water and sachets of 3-in-1 coffee at our disposal anytime.Free coffee has never been this sweet.Since it's a small Inn,there's no problem feeling too crowded.My wife and I occupied the room near the balcony while our friend Rupert stayed in the next room.That left only one room for two (2) Israelis who I had fun time chatting with on our 2nd night.

As for the view,you get a view of Rizal Street and the karst formations enclosing the town.There is a small balcony with four wooden chairs if you want some fresh air.This I find good coz if you are staying in El Nido for a few days,magsasawa karin naman sa sea view.
An old couple owns and manages the place.The landlady was the one who welcomed us in her small office at the ground floor near the pawnshop.She immediately mentioned my name the moment we got off the tricycle.Akala daw nya Spanish yung guest nya.My name is Spanish but I am 100% Pinoy I told her.She is a native of El Nido while her husband is from Batangas.So I was told when I had a small chat with them.They also arrange tours but I told them I already have a contact to take care of that.She just said "sayang".
2nd floor hallway

Overall.our stay at Blessed Inn was pleasant and stress free.We didn't have any rant at all (which is a miracle.) That's the magic of El Nido.Nawawala ang pagiging maarte at mareklamo mo.All you think of is enjoy the place.What mattered to us that time was "we were there".And to find a place to at least stay safe overnight in a town where finding an accommodation during peak season is a pain in the butt is already a blessing in itself.Thank God I found Blessed Inn.wink ***

WHERE TO STAY IN EL NIDO? If you have other options,go for it.Pag pahirapan na talagang maghanap ng accommodation.Blessed Inn is just fine.Sa El Nido, bawal ang choosy.lols

BLESSED IN is located at
Barangay Maligaya, Rizal Street, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Contact: 0928 408 1939 / 0928 311 4211


  1. not bad for accomodation..
    marami pa dyan sa El Nido..
    its a backpackers haven

  2. I have friends who stayed in Blessed Inn. I stayed in The Alternative Inn. No need naman na talaga ng aircon kasi nasa labas ka naman madalas :D

    Hay, gusto ko bumalik. Bye imma book a flight for my birthday. ch0s :))

  3. keri na to... simple pero kumportable.. :)

  4. wow! bait naman! sabagay walang reklamo kung nasa maganda kang place like El Nido.... hehehehe....:)

  5. cute naman ng lugar simple lang, binawi na lang sa view ee nu
    pero ayun nga ang mahalaga ee magenjoy

  6. Hi, how much is the per night in blessed inn? :)


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