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Gorgeous Getaways

There are many fabulous countries to take a summer holiday in throughout the world, and luckily for us, we are within easy reach of some of the very best locations which are still reasonably priced.

Depending on how much you wish to spend and how long you want to go for will pretty much determine where you should head for. There is little point in travelling across the globe if you only want three days away. Likewise there is not much point in spending hours searching for a cheap and cheerful getaway in the Bahamas. So by jotting down a few key questions you will be able to narrow down your search to the real contenders.
 Dénia, Costa Blanca, España
Costa Blanca Spain
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For argument's sake let’s say we are looking for a family week away in the sun, which can provide a little bit of interest for all ages. Unless you want to travel further afield we can set the search parameters for within the European Union which will give us plenty of choice without the long-haul flight. Spain is the most obvious family holiday destination. The Costas, including Costa Blanca, Costa Dorada and Costa Brava, provide great all round entertainment for people of all ages as well as excellent beaches.

The Spanish Islands are also great destinations. The small and quiet island of Menorca offers a tranquil holiday with plenty of wildlife and secluded beaches. Majorca is the livelier and more diverse island that attracts families with children of all ages thanks to its tourist focused outlook. Then there is Ibiza that, although hosting some beautifully relaxed resorts, is best known as the party capital. Both the Spanish mainland and its gorgeous islands have plenty of tradition and history peppered throughout the countryside. If history is what you want then Turkey or the Greek islands should tick all the right boxes. Both of these countries are literally saturated with history, culture and superb sunbathing spots. What more could you ask?

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