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IRIS SPA and Nail Art at the #Cocoon Boutique Hotel

Although many guests already look for it,many hotels still shy away from opening a Spa wing.The reason is because it is easy to establish but difficult to sustain.Point is,it is difficult to maintain the quality of spa services offered.Other than keeping the facility clean and functional,you need to have well trained and professional masseurs so that people will rave for it and customers will keep coming back.

The area of Timog and Tomas Morato is home to many Spa Centers.You need to stand out if you want to stay in business for long.IRIS SPA and Nail Art  is one of the new players in the area and I say it has what it takes to put up with the tough competition.It is relatively new (I heard 1 year) so the facilities are really spotless.

IRIS SPA and Nail Art

IRIS_Spa @The Cocoon Boutique Hotel
You can tell by the way the space is designed that it was well planned.Spacious massage rooms,intimately lit hallways,clean shower and sauna area.


We just checked out of Cocoon Boutique Hotel when we went here so we didn't have to shower.We were not able to use the sauna either.The hot bath at our room was enough to sooth our tired body.

Before, you have to pay additional 50 pesos if you wish to use the sauna but now comes FREE with the normal rate of Php400 for a swedish or Shiatsu Massage.

They also have lockers if you are coming in with your valuables.
The sauna uses infra-red heaters  instead of the typical hot stone.Tried small suanas with hot stone heaters before and nakaka-suffocate masyado coz it is a bit difficult to control the heat with hot stone.Ang High Tech ng Iris Spa!

Heated Massage Bed Pads

They have different room types depending on your privacy level ----Comon Rooms and Private Rooms.The common rooms you have to share with 3-5 pax. The Private rooms are either solo or double beds. You have to pay 100php per pax on top of the regular rate depending on the kind of massage you want.We went for a private room which I highly recommend for couples.

The place is really clean and good smelling.I particularly like the massage beds.Comfy and warm.I said warm because they use electronically Heated Massage Bed Pads. I have tried so many spas and not many of them use beds this good.I thought it was the effect of the therapy until my wife asked her masseur. Kaya pala.



Now to the most important part ---the massage.It has been less than a week since I had a massage and despite knowing that my back still hurts a lot,I thought there would be nothing much to work on.Wrong.My masseur was able to spot the nodules at my upper back.Ang dami pa pala!I love it when those nodules make a nasty sound when hit and my masseur was on it.I was so relieved after the massage.Prior to the therapy,it felt like carrying a heavy backpack all the time.Biglang gumaan ang pakiramdam ko afterwards.If you know nodules and back pains I am sure you can relate to what I mean. You can feel by the strokes that the masseurs of Iris Spa are well trained.And when you feel relieved long after the treatment is over,you know that your masseur was effective.

For a price range of 400php-450php, Iris Spa is on top of the list!


Other Services include Hand and Foot Treatments as well as Nail Art which me and my wife would love to try soon! They also offer Body Scrub, RF treatment and waxing.

PhP400-Php450 for a regular massage.
Php 450 from 6pm onwards.

Massage in a clean and modern facility like IRIS SPA with a free use of sauna for only 400php is a good price hunt given the industry standard.And with a massage this good,I will be willing to pay higher for all of it.Pusangkalye HIGHLY RECOMMENDS Iris Spa and Nail Art. Another reason why I Loooooove Cocoon Boutique Hotel so much!

IRIS SPA and Nail Art is located the second floor of The COCOON BOUTIQUE HOTEL and is open everyday from 10:00 am to 1:00 am.It's walking distance from McDonalds Timog branch. If you are coming South, turn left to Scout Tobias and at the corner of Scout Rallos and Tobias .

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