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NORTHERN HOPE TOURS: El Nido Island Hopping Rates

Finding a Tour Company in El Nido Palawan for your island hopping needs is very easy. There are so many of them all over town and it's as easy as queuing in a fast food "drive tru".

They are very organized with the tours.Tour A,B,C,D.A I said,just like a simplified menu in Jollibee. Rates are also standard so you don't have to worry.But if you really want a hassle-free tour, I would suggest you contact a tour operator prior to going here, especially if it is peak season and you are travelling in a group.The advantage is that the tour company can actually help you with almost everything.Van transfer from Puerto Princesa,finding an accommodation,island hopping, even side-trips to Nacpan and other areas within El Nido.

NORTHERN HOPE Travel and Tours could do just that.Ate Neriz, the manager can help you with almost anything. In a place with spotty cellphone signal and almost no internet connection, having a local contact translates to a lot of convenience.
Combination Tour A and C
NORTHERN HOPE Island Hopping Rates

NORTHERN HOPE Island Hopping Tours
Ate Neriz--
Mobile Numbers
(+63) 939-902-2216 (Smart)
(+63) 927-735-3221 (Globe)
(+63) 942-375-2441 (Sun)

Northern Hope tour rate:

Nacpan Tour: Van Hire for halfday--2500php
Tricycle:  2 to 3person 1,000php


PS: Just tell Ate Neriz you read about them in blog
and she will surely take extra care of you. That's my personal guarantee!
Enjoy El Nido!!!


  1. haha someday! magagawa ko din yang pagggagalang yan!

  2. yo bro, we're going to El Nido mga 3rd week of May. :) thanks for this. p.s. are you open for a link exchange? please let me know bro hehe, add ka namin agad.

  3. prevailing rates in El Nido now are the following:

    Tour A- 1200/person
    Tour B- 1300/person
    Tour C- 1400/person
    Tour D- 1200/person

  4. Just curious as to what those A, B, C and D has to offer?


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