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SIDEBAR at El Pueblo Ortigas Relaunched!

High ceiling dotted by chandeliers, giant mirrors,life-size paintings,mural on walls. Such is the classy appeal of the newly refurbished SIDEBAR at El Pueblo Ortigas

But that's just icing on the cake, Sidebar's known for it's signature cocktail drinks and side dishes.

I was invited here last week to try their cocktails and a few of their signature side dishes.This place is where you would go if you want an intimate drink with your sossy friends.

Sidebar Ortigas
SIDEBAR at El Pueblo Ortigas

In case you haven't tried SIDEBAR yet, here's what you have been missing.


Fresh Aklan oysters made even more intoxicating for thrill seekers. It's oyster with alcohol! Comes in 3 different flavors, Sake, Lemon Drop & Bloody Mary either order it singly or a mixed set of 9 perfect for groups of 3 or more.

PS: Oyster shooters are popular in western bars.In the early days, It was usually done by drinking the alcohol first and then the oyster.At least in the olden days.What Sidebar did is to spice it a bit and combined the oyster and the cocktail.I love the sake and lemon drop.Never mind Bloody Mary.hahaha.Be ready for one oyster-icious punch!



Slow-baked pork rump with house-made barbecue sauce: carrot, cucumber and romaine slaw dressed with pommery mustard vinaigrette topped with fresh cilantro in crusty rolls. Pulled pork sandwiches are an international favorite.

PS: I thought this food which reminds me of cookie monster is that appetixing if you base it on looks but Sidebar's version is the best pulled pork sandwich you will ever have!


Classic sisig, lettuce and avocado wrapped in soft torilla, with tomato salsa and sour cream mayo sauce. Served with a SHOT of Cachaca (premium brazilian rum). The Side Bar version is "sisig re-invented" made   more exciting with a shot of premium Brazilian rum on the side, it complements the flavor and really great way to start off the evening!

PS: Be careful with the Brazilian Rum,I thought a little sprinkle. Would be best so as not to drown the taste of the sisig.That is,if you still want your sisig to taste sisig and not rum if you know what I mean.


Risotto with chorizo, parmesan and provolone cheese center, deep fried until golden brown.

PS:I love the cheese center and the crunchy crust.This is one of the favorites in the bar.

Sidebartinis: Lemon Drop, vodka, triple sec & sour mix. Super refreshing and just the right kick of alcohol, always a sense of class when drinking from a martini glass.

PS:Tastes very similar with Tanduay Ice.I don't know if that's a good thing but hey,I like Tanduay Ice.Could be too sweet though.Nevertheless,be on guard, this mix is deceptive.Sweet on the surface but with a tricky punch.

Crushed ice cocktails: Mojito Punch, Double-Shot Gin, sour mix, orange juice, mint. While we serve the classic Mojito, we decided to spice it up a little, instead of rum we used Gin a double shot of! While still maintains the mint flavor it has the fruity, citrus freshness needed after a long hot day!

PS:I think I didn't try this one.hahaha

Golden Rush: Jim beam, honey, lemon. A winner for bourbon fans, made slightly sweet with honey and zest from the lemon a perfect cocktail to accompany Sidebar Bar Chow!

PS: This is the lighter version of Sidebartinis.It is safe to say therefore that it's the ladies version.And the ladies sure do love it!

Classy place.Not crowded.Intimate feel.Good food plus cocktails that will keep you engaged in delightful conversation with friends.What more can you ask for.

SIDEBAR is located at
J. Vargas cor ADB Ave. El Pueblo Ortigas
Tel: 631-7340 or 39


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