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the romantic Sauna-Jacuzzi-Massage experience at CALLOSPA Antipolo

I would like to specifically make a separate post on our Spa Experience at CalloSpa Antipolo as it is worth another entry.It was actually a Sauna-Jacuzzi-Massage combination as part of the Affordable Escape with Overnight package we had the other week week.

CalloSpa is a small scale Spa located in Colaique,Antipolo City just 30 minutes away from Ortigas.


Affordable Escape at CALLOSPA and RESORT Antipolo
For only 650php per pax,you can have,



For non-in-house guests,you will take a shower then go straight to the sauna where you can stay for 30minutes followed by a relaxing Jacuzzi bath all in the same room and all for the two of you.The sauna is small but you don't have to worry about that,the whole place is for yourselves for the entire hour.

Your therapist will signal your transition from the sauna to the Jacuzzi hotel suite setup not included,it was my first time to share the Jacuzzi together with my wife so it was indeed a pleasurable experience.It quite romantic really with all the bubbles,the floating kafir leaves,pandan and AHA rich calamansi.,the relaxing music and the dim lights -----all in an indoor garden setup.Feels like a private bath for honeymooners.This experience really appeals to me.
After an hour,you will be asked to shower and put on your robe
for the massage upstairs.


There are only four massage beds at the 2nd floor.There were only me and my wife in the massage area.That's the advantage of being at CalloSpa on a weekday.We had an hour of Callo Spa Signature Massage which is a combination of Shiatsu-Swedish and Thai massage.

Masseurs are all female but I was surprised how strong their hands are and they were able to hit my nodules especially at my upper back.My masseur was Gigi,you can look for her.My wife was equally satisfied.The massage may not be at the top of our list but it was sufficiently good just the same.At least you wouldn't feel like what you paid is not worth it or something.

CalloSpa has been around for a few years so the facilities are not as flawless as you would expect of new spas but overall,the experience given the price range is definitely worth it.I would love to go back again,stay overnight,lazy around CalloSpa and Resort and have that unique romantic Sauna-Jaccuzi-Massage experience.

They have many treatments and packages which will fit your budget.Make sure you follow CALLOSPA on Facebook to know about their latest promos and events.Cheers!

CalloSpa and Resort is located in
Marigman Road. Colaique, Antipolo City, Philippines
Map >>>>> here
Telephone Numbers: (+632) 650-7889 / ( +632 ) 401-4621
Cellphone Numbers: (0922) 8007889 , (0917) 8334351



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