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NAT GUESTHOUSE at Khao San Road Bangkok

Khao San Road is very similar to some of the streets in Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur.It's a short strip but is awash with accommodations,pubs, restaurants,flea stores and street food.It is at the heart of the backpacker's district of Bangkok.This is where the world's travelers converge.A fitting set-off point to our Thailand trip.

We arrived at almost 10pm coming from Cambodia via Aranyaprathet. The street was full of people and was very alive with loud music and sidewalk vendors.It is very festive in here.

Khao San Road during the day
Khao San Road at night

We didn't really booked for any accommodation on our first night in Bangkok so as to give more flexibility should we decide to give Siem Reap another day or make room for any circumstances like getting stuck in the border.I was confident it would be easy to find a hotel in Khao San and it's true.We checked a few hotels and settled for the cheapest we could find being Nat Guest House somewhere at the central stretch of Khao San Road.We found a room for three for only 800 Baht and a room for two for 600 Baht.With rates this cheap, we booked for two nights.
For the entire length of our stay,2N/2D, I noticed that there were three front desk attendants with only one proficient with English. By proficient, I mean, somebody who can talk back effectively.The rest you have to rely on basic yes or no or gestures as their response.

I was thankful that they allowed us to leave our baggage at the counter the whole day from 8am-7pm as we had to go to Pattaya for a day trip.Our bags were safe when we picked them up at night to transfer to Silom.

The rooms are rather simple yet good enough for the price.The room I shared with my wife and another friend was spacious enough with three separate beds.A/C with hot and cold shower and cable tv.Just enough for basic convenience.Nothing to complain as it is in the middle of the action.We were out in the street most of the time eating,buying small items,sipping Chang beer or simply people watching.No dull moments in Khao San.

the busy night street of Khao San

We immediately went out of the streets to look for food as we were a bit starved after that long Siem Reap-Bangkok border crossing. Khao San is awash with street food vendors in their mobile stores.What abounds are fresh buko juice,Pad Thai, food on stick and Chang beer.There were also a couple of exotic food vendors with their signs "no picture taking.Charge $10".Deep fried cockroach,centipede,crickets anyone?.

massage anyone?

Since we are not into exotic food, we feasted on Pad Thai instead.One order costs around 50Baht enough to satisfy your hunger.
This particular trip was characterized by by friends and wife's obsession with buko (fresh coconut) drink and this continued in Khao San.While in other cities ---Ho Chi Minh, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap---you can basically request your coconut to be cut after you finish all the juice so that you can take the meat, this was impossible in Khao San.They would stare at you with bad eyes if you request for it.I reckon that they would like you to surrender the fruit to them so that they can use the meat to sell coconut shake.The first sign of how clever Thais are with exploiting all ways possible to extract as much as they could from the millions of tourists who visit here.

Since we are Filipinos and we know better, we carried our coconut back at the guest house.To their dismay perhaps. hahaha. That's 60 Baht you know, for only the juice? I wouldn't mind at all if this is in one classy restaurant.
Pad Thai

If you are into buying something to bring home, there are many items being sold in Khao San at night.You can buy a tee for as low as 200baht. Manila prices but of course with better designs.Care for massage? They even offer massage on the sidewalk. Ladyboys?There arr many wandering around.Whatever your preference may be, you can easily bump into a stranger and who knows what could possibly happen next.Whatever color and shape, it is here where people converge and have fun .

Khao San is cheap hotels,entertainment,shopping,food wrapped into one. In my case, I ended our first night in Bangkok sitting on the sidewalk sipping Chang beer and people watching.Even as a mere onlooker, I pretty much enjoyed the scene.I do love being in Khao San!!!

**Crossing THAILAND-CAMBODIA Border via Aranyaprathet



  1. kakamiss ang khaosan, heheheh, yummy yung street padthai kahit pano, pantawid gutoms ganyan. :D

  2. out door foot massage why not diba haha
    kaso di ko kaya yan haha

  3. nag-crave naman ako sa Phad Thai... hindi ko kasi natkman yan nung pumunta kami ng BKK. Mura yung guest house ha for 600THB - worth it na.


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