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CORON ECOLODGE: for budget conscious travelers who don't want to compromise quality

It is a budget accommodation that you can easily mistake for an expensive hotel because of its upgraded facilities.

Coron is well known for backpacking but the kind of tourists that are discovering Coron lately has diversified.People see the fact that the main activity here is island hopping (which means you are out exploring the lakes, beaches and dive spots most of the day) so people are still keen on keeping it on the low-end of the budget when it comes to accommodation.The entry of Coron Ecolodge in the ever competitive Coron hospitality sector is a welcome thing therefore for budget conscious travelers who still value quality.

It's a pretty compact place with only two floors and 22 rooms. The ground floor holds the lobby and the restaurant area where guests can have breakfast as included of their room rate. The mood is rather bright and fresh given the tall glass walls surrounding the lobby. It brings in a lot of natural light even during gloomy days which is consistent with the mood you feel when you are in Coron.Let it be summer all year long!

The corridors are simple and pleasant on the eyes.I like the accents on each room door, wooden carvings of animals and fish figures popular in Coron.I noticed that the building design is one that allows air to pass through the stairway and the corridors so the hallways don't go too hot even if they are non-airconditioned.

All rooms are of the same type, double standard ---15sq. meters each with two separate beds. Perfect if you are travelling with friends. In our case, since we are a couple, we requested that they put together the beds. We naturally occupied one side as one bed would fit two pax but we still put the two side by side just in case somebody starts rolling.haha!

You can book a room for as low as PHP 1,898.00 per night for a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children.Add a little and you can have a room for three (3) for only PHP 2,398.00. That's reasonable!

All rooms have:
Window-type air-conditioned unit
Hot and cold shower
Cable-ready TV

Take note, this is an airconditioned room and this is Coron so this is as practical as you can go in terms of a/c rooms.I like it that each room has a thermostat.Say hello to unli-coffee!The bed is comfortable and sheets are clean.The room smells fresh.Basic toiletries are included.
Our room was rather simple. Not so much to see inside in terms of accent. I told front desk that it would have been nicer if they bring the door accent in the room, not to be too loud about it, but at least an item or so inside the room just to be consistent with the trademark. It will give the hotel a clearer branding. Just my thought.

Still, I have no complaints with our room.You get more what you pay for. I am normally not a big fan of tv's when in an accommodation outside Metro Manila as being outdoor is more desirable, but I was kept worried during our entire trip as there was a storm in Northern Philippines that time.

If you can remember typhoon USAGI was battering Batanes Islands and affected both the Philippines and Taiwan that time.Twas one of the strongest typhoon in the pacific for the last eight years. Category 4 lang naman! It was already affecting Manila when we flew out.It brought rains even as far South as Coron so we were wet the whole time while island hopping.Having cable tv inside the room has never been this appreciated in my case as I could constantly monitor the movement of the storm. Remember, twas our last night in Coron and we were to fly back to Manila 12 noon the next day.
Having a private bath was also a delight as we stayed in another accommodation the night before where we had to share the bath with other guests.I have no issues with that except that you feel burdened waiting for your turn at times especially if you are wet and cold from island hopping. Waiting in this case could be a pain. 

I noticed that water pressure is a bit weak but i reckon this is normal anywhere in Coron town as this was also the case in our other accommodation. A lot of patience is needed especially if you are to use the hot shower. Water pressure on the tap is okay.

Another thing that you will like about Coron Ecolodge is its proximity to other establishments like banks, shops and especially restaurants. Coron town is situated on a small area limited by the hills and the sea.The downtown area is therefore a long strip which extends a few kilometers long.

Shops and restaurants therefore line the main street.A long stretch if I may say so but there is a bigger concentration in the area around the public market.Coron Ecolodge is around 300 meters away from the market and around 100 meters away from the main road.That means you can walk left or right from the lodge and still find what you are looking for.You don't have to take transportation when looking for a place to eat especially during dinner which I find very handy. Lolo Nonoys, oir favorite restaurant in Coron town is only a few blocks away. I will blog about the place soon.


-Wifi-ready reception and food lounge
-Full back-up generator for emergency purposes
-Near pharmacies
-Near convenience stores
-Near restaurant and bars


Plated breakfast is part of the room rate and that's for two (2) pax and is served at their resto at the ground floor.They will ask your breakfast of choice upon check-in. There are around six choices which includes basic Filipino breakfast like corned beef, tocino and tapa.If they are too simple for you, you can order other dishes at extra charge.
my wife over breakfast at Coron Ecolodge

Coron Ecolodge is a decent place.
Budget accommodation but upgraded at that.
WHERE TO STAY IN CORON? Coron Ecolodge could be what you are looking for.It's for those who are budget conscious but don't want to compromise quality.

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CORON ECOLODGE is located at
Calle Real Poblacion 2, Coron Palawan,
Phone Numbers: 09064556090; 09192048824


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