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Crab Meat Curry at KOOKIE RESTAURANT Coron

After the disappointing lunch , we were extra careful in picking the place to eat for dinner. Coron had to prove to us that there is more to this place than one that pleases the eyes. Earlier that day, Teresa and Rupert saw a big FOOD sign near the public market and that's where they led us. Turns out to be another carenderya, smaller than Centro Coron. We didn't want to take the risk. Gladly, Tripadvisor was there for a little help, with a few clicks on my smartphone, we found a few dining suggestions with KOOKIE RESTAURANT being the nearest in the vicinity. Near actually means literally in front of us as the resto is located just across the plaza where we were standing.

Crab Meat Curry at KOOKIE RESTAURANT Coron

Kookie Restaurant is a native-inspired space located at the 2nd floor of a hostel with the same name.Made of native materials, it feels like eating in an elevated "dampa". The restaurant could be accessed through a small metallic stairs in front of the Inn. It has an airy feel because it is open (but roofed of course) and a good ambiance.
There were mixed reviews actually with complaints about how slow the service is with customers waiting up to an hour so we wanted to check it out first indicating to the waitress that we will check the menu first if there is something we like. The place was deserted.There was nobody except us on a Thursday night. Felt a bit strange for a tourist spot. Where is everybody? Nakakapanibago. There was growing suspicion that the place might not be nice as indicated by the absence of customers but we realized it's better that way as it means not waiting too long for our orders to be served.


The menu looks inviting. They have a few interesting specialties including stingray in coconut milk as well as steamed lobster which we think is expensive at Php650/ half kilo.Since nobody also wanted to try stingray, we asked for their other specialties. We ordered Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu, Crab Meat Curry and Thai Green Curry with average price of 250 pesos. By this time, we have a sense of how much Coron food is on the average. Me kamahalan ang pagkain dito   taken into account that most are seafood that abound in the area. Tubong lugaw ang mga restaurants sa Coron.

Crab Meat Curry w/ rice

This was the star of the night.Everybody in our group loves crab meat so it was the first to be completely consumed among our orders.I would have wanted it to be a little more spicy for a stronger kick but taste is good enough for those who are not into hot and spicy food.

Thai Green Curry (Chicken) w/ rice

The curry is also nice.Again, the right spice for Filipino taste but for those who have tried curry in Thailand or Malaysia, they might find it a little lacking in intensity.Good pick though.

Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu w/ rice

I am not so much into fish but this one is tasty.The fish was cooked just enough for a tender bite.The sauce is also fine.Again, a little more intensity would be better.

Comes with seawood which we never touched. :)

Overall, we were satisfied with all our orders.We paid almost the same amount as we paid with the forgettable restaurant earlier (for lunch) but food here is far better and tastier. A little pricey but I would say that is the average price for a decent restaurant in Coron.

KOOKIE RESTAURANT certainly deserves to be in the top 3 spots on Tripadvisor.

PS: What's with the name by the way? I understand that it is a standout when it comes to "recall" but i certainly don't see the connection with the name and the food they offer.Just a hindsight. Peace out.

13 Don Pedro Street, Coron Palawan