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Imagine being stuck in an airport terminal for more than three hours.It could be hellish of you don't bring with you your survival kits. With that, I mean, your smartphone, portable game console or mp3 player. I am one of the worst person you can find when it comes to fighting off dull moments during travels. Yes, experienced the ground traffic congestion delays at NAIA3 on my last trip and I almost killed myself of boredom.

I am usually okay as long as I have my smartphone.But you know smartphones, they easily run out of battery and mines no exemption especially because I also use it for listening to my favorite mp3 music.

Then came newKUBE. This small yet amazing mp3 player could playback up to 7 hours of mp3 songs. It's what I need for those dull moments during travel.I therefore call it, a travel essential.
my TRAVEL ESSENTIAL: newKUBE mp3 player

World's smallest MP3 player: 

Bluetree Electronics, a maker of next generation audio technology, introduced newKube MP3 Player at the Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas this 2013.

Smallest mp3 player it may be, it delivers rich audio playback. When I saw how small it is and how small the cable is for the earphones, I was apprehensive of the quality of sound it could give.I was very particular with the earphones because it's not in-ear plug to start with and I am so used with the idea that the chord should be thick enough to deliver a strong sound.But it did surprise me. How can a gadget this small could deliver Big, Rich Sound.Small but terrible indeed!



Size & Weight
Height – 22mm
Width – 22mm
Depth – 22mm
Weight – 18 grams

Battery and Power
Build-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
Play-time up to 6 hours continuous
Charging via an included USB cable
Full charge in 2 hours

Up to 32GB external microSD memory card, holding up to 8,000 songs in MP3 format

complete specifications here
The newKube offers a removable microSD slot making music capacity adaptable based on the size of the installed memory card instead of pre-defined internal memory. 

The newKube is actually the third generation of the renowned Kube family of compact MP3 players. A tiny device with a long battery life. A fully charged newKube offers a non-stop audio experience for seven hours without running out of battery power. NO MORE DULL MOMENTS for my travels!

“Our customers love the Kube family of MP3 players and made suggestions for all of the new features we put into the newKube,” said Sem Chong, managing director, CEO and founder of Bluetree Electronics. “We’re delighted to introduce the newKube on the stage of the world’s largest consumer electronic event at CES 2013. We believe there is still a huge opportunity for standalone MP3 players because there are so many situations where using the newKube is preferred to using the music player on a smartphone. We believe the sound from the newKube is better than any music player on any smartphone.”
The newKube comes with a charging cord and headphones.Can carry additional microSD cards for more music selection.

newKUBE offers a number of new features not available on earlier generations of the Kube family of MP3 devices, including:

Lock button - to prevent accidentals
Repeat button -lets you to playback the same song, all songs in sequence or in random; not found in comparable simple MP3 players
Jump Folder - allows you to get to the specific song location, also not found in simple MP3 players
EQ Pre-sets - lets users select music settings for optimized playback of Pop, Rock, Classical music and other genres.

The newKube is available for only Php1,599
 via Here's the >>>> link

Available in 4 colors: Black, Red, White, Pink

The newKubehas a new design, comes in new colors.In the Philippines, it is Available in 4 colors: Black, Red, White, Pink. I have seen other combinations online (in other other countries) and I thought it would be nice if they colud also sell them here like the green and blue combination or the apple green color perhaps.So stylish!

The newKUBE mp3 player is a deviation from the usual mp3 players you can find it the market.It is very unique I may say.I haven't seen an mp3 this shape in the market so it is really a standout. Since it doesn't have any screen to show what is playing, it kinda gets tricky at first.Good thing they added the repeat and shuffle functions.I am yet to master the "jump folder" though which allows you to get to a specific song location. Was a bit confused with the buttons on all side too especially the forward and reverse functions.

I also had a little issue with it in my pocket at first since it's not very flat. But that is a very minor thing.It could still easily fit my side pockets even if I have my wallet and smartphone in em.Just like any other device, it needs a little "getting-used-to-it" honeymoon stage.The moment you get familiar with it, things get much easier and more fun.I actually find it cool.I would usually play with it with my hands and people get curious about this small white cube I am holding that is attached to an earphone.Looks like a cool toy.

Best of all, with all the cool features, it comes really cheap at 1,599 pesos. With Big, Rich Sound, Stylish Design,Cool Colors and Long Battery Life, it's so easy to get hooked to this device. As for me, no more dull moments during travels!!!!

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