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HARINA ARTISAN BAKESHOP: Bloomin’ Bread, Waldorf Salad Sandwich, Adobo Pulled Pork and more!

If you have heard of Monsees Bakeshop before, it is one and the same with Harina Artisan Bakeshop. And I like the new name. What could be more fitting for a bakeshop than to be named after the most important ingredient in making bread. But Harina is no ordinary bakeshop, it takes into account the "artisan" attached into its name. Delicious food, beautiful presentations. It's a labor of love.

They sell an assortment of products ready for take out so many patrons do drop by to take out goodies packed nicely, some with the labels of Monsees and some with Harina. Their menu carries and assortment of bread including the popular breadsticks and Spanish bread. I also saw pandesal in there.

They also have all-day breakfast capitalizing on bread which is of course the core product of the store. Dine in or take out, you can surely find something to satisfy your taste. French Toast, Strawberry Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Bananas with Chocolate, Breakfast Tart, Pancakes, Muffins and Biscuits. Rice meals are available too.


The place is quite difficult to find, especially if you are not familiar with the area where many restaurants and some nice shops are located. It's in Katipunan but it's more on the side of White Plains and not Ateneo. #118 is the number to keep in mind. Our taxi driver asked us to help him look for the #s posted on each side of the road.

People behind Harina are a mix of foodies and professionally trained and award-winning chefs. As to who they are exactly, I don't know. I heard they prefer to let the food hog the spotlight rather than the personalities behind it.
The interior is rather simple but homey and spacious. Perfect for family dining.

What we tried...

Harina’s Bloomin’ Bread (for sharing)
Crusty pull-apart Italian loaf filled with basil puree and an assortment of melted cheese. Served with a dip of balsamic vinegar &extra-virgin olive oil. 
PRICE: Php320.00

I know it's too early in the post but I am already saying this is one of my favorites. A big bread meant for sharing. I call it "the barkada bread" especially because it's mean to be eaten by hand. Yes. Very casual. And it comes with balsamic vinegar. I tried to ask if the vinegar really comes with. Like seriously? Yes, why not!

And this is what I learned early on. If a food is served with a dip, try it with the dip, it could give it a bit a twist, a kick, a character. It originally is a little soury because of the cheese in it and the vinegar highlights that even more. Not too overpowering of course so I like it.

Waldorf Salad Sandwich
Flaky pastry with filling of chicken, red and green apples, celery and chopped walnuts in mayonnaise. 
PRICE: Php220.00

The combination of chicken, apple and mayonnaise is perfect. The presence of apples makes it crunchy. I like it.

Creamy Bacon & Asparagus
Fettucine in a creamy sauce with bacon and asparagus, topped with poached egg. 
PRICE: Php250.00

It's milky. True to the "creamy" word in its name.
Chicken Caesar SandwichGrilled Cajun chicken & lettuce in Caesar dressing topped with poached egg, bacon and parmesan cheese on baguette
PRICE: Php220.00
Looks very similar to Waldorf Salad Sandwich (as it goes with vegetables and fries) but it has its own character. Thanks to the bacon which is dominates the palate.

Spaghetti in spicy red tomato sauce, roasted garlic and red chili peppers. 
PRICE: Php200.00

At first bite, "authentic" was the first word that entered my mind. Can give expensive pasta restaurants a run for the money.

Adobo Pulled Pork
Pulled pork adobo with fried kesongputi, lettuce and tomatoon baguette. 
PRICE: Php265.00

Then goes another serving very similar to Waldorf and Chicken Caesar Sandwich except that with this one "pulled pork adobo" is the dominant taste. I actually thought it was beef that they used. Love it!

Strawberry Cheesecake-Stuffed French Toast
Cheesecake-filled brioche topped with whipped cream & strawberry preserves. 
PRICE: Php290.00

I was actually a bit disappointed with this one. Too bad because as for somebody with a sweet tooth, I always look forward to deserts. I thought it would have been better if it is a little more sweet. I mean, not too sweet but at least not too plain as this one. I hardly felt the strawberry. It was nice but a bit boring.

Kids will also enjoy decorating their own cupcakes or cookies. Good thing we brought our daughter Angel with us. She got to decorate her own cupcake and she really enjoyed it. ^^


All in all, I would give Harina Artisan Bakeshop a good score. I don't usually give numerical ratings to my food reviews but for a bakeshop to have this variety and quality of offering, I would give it 8.75/10. I was amazed at how much variations you can do with bread. I saw a couple more interesting dishes in their menu and I am keen on coming back. ^^

Thanks Harina Artisan Bakeshop for inviting us over. ^^

118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City
OPEN: Monday to Sunday, 6am to 9pm. 
Call: (02) 3526721


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